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the witch doctor

Submitted by mr murloc
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
hello everyone =] this is my first map ever.. its kinda easy but kninda funny.. just tell me what you think i could improve... if theres anythng in there that sucks tell me how to fix it ^^

i hope i havnt violated anything by posting it here =] please dont be mean and call me a noob if i have..

note: open your quests log at the start of the game

credits: um.. me...


the witch doctor (Map)

21:37, 28th Dec 2008 Ralle: Read Septimus' post
  1. 21:37, 28th Dec 2008
    Ralle: Read Septimus' post
  2. woxx


    Jun 27, 2008
    Okey, im not a pro but i can easily say that this map need serious improvement!
    First thing, the tooltip on the staff is totaly wrong and there is absolutely nothing funny with this map since there is noting to do. Go to one place to another, sell your bills and then your done? And i think everbody know that critters explode if you click on them many times, blizzard used that in warcraft2 to.

    *Here is what you can improve*

    *Add some quest with some funny events

    *Make some vodoo spells, he`s a witch doctor for the love of lerroy!

    *Make the terrain more interesting

    *Maybe adding a starting cinametic
    Hope i wasent to hard on you!
  3. Septimus


    May 3, 2008
    Do not worried about people calling you a noob as we do not tolerate troll.

    Here is the list of flaw in your map.

    1) Terrain was generally poorly develop and there is a lot of blank spot (Partically desert) and this should not happen especially when the terrain is forest. The destructible/doodad I could possibly seen was tree and they were place randomly among the map.

    Apply a different height to the map terrain as well, it was too smooth at this moment.

    2) Coding - Lot's of bad coding such as this trigger.

    • Untitled Trigger 002
      • Events
        • Unit - A unit enters Region 001 <gen>
      • Conditions
      • Actions
        • Game - Display to (All players) for 10.00 seconds the text: oh that poor little...

    You should have just turn it off after the first usage, or else it would constantly repeat itself.

    3) Quest - Quest log and quest complete trigger was not set at the right way. If there is more than 1 quest in this map, it would probably override it.

    4) Item - Item have wrong description.

    5) Error - I doesn't need to get the letter, all I need to do was to sell my staff. You obviously forgot to add condition to the event.

    Quality - Unacceptable

    My note

    Mapping require determination, effort, and patience. Create a map in just a few minutes or hours would not get the map standard to a higher prestige. To make a good map, you need to spend hundreds of hour of testing it and editing it.

    I suggest you to do more research on mapping, some site like hiveworkshop have something called standard. We do not have a resources with a very poor quality. Hopefully you would improve by the time being.