The Weirdo

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CamboStrike Presents

The Weirdo
Created by CamboStrike, Blizzard

Map Info:

"The Weirdo" introduced Melee/RPG/AOS concept with 4 unique & weird races to play. Enjoy the weird races, built-In AI... ^_^


- Custom Recipes System which manipulate common items into extremely powerful items.
- 4 Unique & Weird Races

Screenshots and Videos:






Change Log:

- Demolisher: new attack
- Meat Wagon: new attack
- Crypt Fiend: new attack
[Night Elf]
- Hippogryph: fixed attack
- Druid of the Claw (Transform form): fixed scale, new attack, +attack air

- Gryphon Rider: new model, new attack
- Troll Witch Doctor: attack air with missile, +cost, +hp, +power
- Shaman: new attack, +cost, +hp, +power
- Spirit Walker: new attack, +cost, +hp, +power
- Shade: new model, +attack
- Gargoyle: new model, new attack, +cost, +hp, +power, fly, +food
- Banshee: used former model of Gargoyle, new attack, +cost, +hp, +power, +food
[Night Elf]
- Archer: Can use mount ability
- Huntress: +cost, +hp, +power
- Dryad: +cost, +hp, +power, +scale
- Glaive Thrower: used Naga Royal Guard model, new attack, +cost, +hp, +power
- Hippogryph Rider: new model (former model of Glaive Thrower)
- Druid of the Talon: new model (the old one used hero model)
- Druid of the Claw: can used bear form
- Faerie Dragon: new model, new attack, +cost, +hp, +power
- New model for Kil'jeaden.

- Fixed recipes system as suggested

- Removed all custom heroes
- Added three neutral passive heroes (Tinker, Alchemist, Firelord) to tavern.

- Fixed attacked art of most units.
- Fixed trigger to use one command.
- Added 5 creep heroes.

- Updated screenshots
- Changed tree models
- Item Lion Ring now summon Headhunter
- Fixed Dark Portal Ability

- Updated screenshots
- Changed name of the map

2014-06-16 (Night):
-Removed models without team color.
-Abomination became range
-Cargoyle became melee
-Chimaera became range

-Fixed descriptions
-Removed minimum range of Mortar Team, Demolisher, Meat Wagon and Glaive Thrower
-Spell Breaker, Grunt, Raider, Ghoul, Meat Wagon,Crypt Fiend became range
-Shaman, Dryad became melee
-Changed hit point base of Troll Headhunter 350->450, Advanced Worker 175->220, Mortar Team 350->450
-Reduced Hippogryph damage to 40
-Scaled mountain giant to 1.4

Resource Credit:
- Blizzard Entertainment

Model Credit:

- Frankster
- Ralle
- Tranquil
- Vermillion Edict
- Tigerian Slicer
- WhiteDeath
- Misha
- M0rbid
- Amigurumi
- Callahan
- Mechanical Man & Crusad3r91
- jk2pach
- l0w_kwaliti
- epsilon
- Fingolfin
- Anvil
- Grendel
- Coxxon
- Kitabatake
- Suselishe
- killst4r
- Sin'dorei300
- armel
- MiniMage
- Mc !
- Jongkaidut'89
- Norinrad
- Dan van Ohllus
- Ham Ham
- MrOgre
- infrenus
- donut3.5
- Thrikodius
- SuPa-
- Sheyd
- Mephestrial
- Cavman
- Dan van Ohllus (D.O.'s Dual Rocket Missiles)
- CreatorD3292 (Infernal Bullet)
- Bon_Jovi (Artillery Round )
- Champara Bros (Lightning Bolt)

Trigger Credit
- DeathChef
- Daffa the Mage

Author's notes:

- The name of units were left original and might be weird compare to their appearances somehow ^_^

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Modern, War

The Weirdo (Map)

17:57, 13th Sep 2014 Orcnet: I'm not quite sure on how or why you made this as a weird, since most of the map is covered with modern warfare models and replace every unit's default with such design, I was expecting something different but...




17:57, 13th Sep 2014


I'm not quite sure on how or why you made this as a weird, since most of the map is covered with modern warfare models and replace every unit's default with such design, I was expecting something different but since it looks odd. Anyhow can be approved due to its design but atleast give in a quest menu in the changes and somehow give in some abilities that can be unique to the original and others.
Level 2
May 31, 2014
Hmm.. Guys, I didn't really think of the storyline behind it honestly ^_^. I was thinking of creating some custom races with alien technology(wc3+alien). It's more like the 4 races in wc3 go back in time from the future & fight for their own dominions.
Level 21
Nov 4, 2013
Not really a good map to me. I appreciated the recipe system but still this map has many negative things:-

- Well, having a look at the triggers, I don't understand why putting "Limit "Hero" for Player 1/2/3/4... while you could have picked them all with Player Group and packed 12 commands into 1 only
- Then, I don't understand what's the meaning of changing the models of all units if they still have everything untouched. It's just taking space (about 6 MB) for nothing and it's not worth in my opinion
- The abilities for the heroes aren't all custom. Some are just the old ones which you gave to the heroes and some other abilities say "Tooltip missing" when I come to learn them. That's because nothing was written in "Text - Tooltip - Learn - Extended"
- Looking at the recipes, I found something quite strange. If I get a Ring of Regeneration + Ring of Protection +1 I get Jade Ring. If I get Ring of Regeneration + Ring of Protection +4, I still get Jade Ring. It's incorrect. Why should a stronger item give Jade Ring when even a weaker one can do so? It's pretty unfair for me. The same applies for the claws of attack and orb of frost and for the rest

- I'd firstly say to use Player Group command to pick all players and limit the heroes to every player in one command only
- I find it a bad idea to waste 6 MB just for giving a new fancy aspect to all units. To make them worth enough, it's better to change some things in all units like attack, cooldown, HP... Otherwise, you just enlarge the filesize for nothing. It may give that futuristic look of Star Trek, Starcraft and, what you call, "Warcraft 4" but it's totally bad to enlarge the filesize by 6 MB for this reason only
- When you are making custom heroes, all abiltiies shall be custom as well, not a mixture of custom and old ones
- For the items, you can make them more powerful as you get stronger combo items. For example, if you get the Ring of Protection +1, it will give a +5 armor Jade Ring. For Ring of Protection +2, a +6 armor Jade Ring and so on. That woud be fair and professional
- Now this is personal and I'll not count it in my review, but I must say I don't like to see those tree-flowers in the map. The map is called "The Weirdo" I know yet I can't like them. You might consider replacing them with other kinds of trees but that's optional and I'll not force you

To conclude, I think this map is quite promising so I don't want to vote for rejection. Unluckily, in its current state, I can't even vote for approval. Let's say I give it 2/5 and AWAIT UPDATE!
Level 2
May 31, 2014
Map has been updated.

Thank you for your feedback. Thank to you I've been able to fixed many things such as:
- Fixed attacked art of most units.
- Fixed trigger to use one command.
For some other of your suggestions I'm currently working on them and It's really hard for me as a new mapper you know. But I'll do what I can to present to you guys a good map to enjoy... sorry for many lacking..

Map updated:
- Custom heroes were removed
- Added 3 neutral passive heroes to tavern (Tinker, Alchemist, Firelord)
Future update:
- More item based abilities (spells)

[Edit 2014-07-11]
Map updated (Fixed recipes system as suggested). Please enjoy the map! ^_^

[Edit 2014-07-19]
Map updated (Please see change log for details).

[Edit 2014-07-20]
Map updated (Please see change log for details). Hmm.. Anyone interested in testing and provide a review please? :'(
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