The Way To Fix Far Sight Spell!

Level 16
May 2, 2011
Make it default ability that does not require level up. similar to night elves invisibility.

Now Give the far seer another Hero ability instead of far sight. it could be storm bolt. it kinda fits him more than the MK. but it could be anything else too.

the Shaman way: Storm, Earth, and Fire?
Storm: chain lightning.
Earth: Level 6 quake
Fire:?? no ability? Give him Firebolt then I guess, lol

thats the only way. The spell is too useless to waste hero points on it.

if the spell found to be imba, id suggest making it increase with level, for e.g. it being learned at lvl 2 or lvl 3. it can also be made to level up with the hero if needed (but its still not hero ability and doesnt require any points to spend on)
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