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The War Of The Four Kingdoms

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.


“Barry lived hidden from the world, in a forest that was not exploited by anyone, he lived together with his son Laim and his woman Edih, the three lived happily on their way forest, until one day, a large group of orcs passed the forest using it as a shortcut, Edih was with his son picking fruit from the trees and were seen by the group of orcs. An arrow flying in the skies in Edih direction was seen by Laim had no time to understand what was happening and saw his mother die with an arrow in the back, Laim immediately runs to his house and tells everything to his father Barry, the takes it and runs into the forest track for help ... “
The War of the Four Kingdoms is a single player map where you control the main character (Barry Freeman), an isolated world that lives in a dense forest with his wife Edih and your son Laim, when his family is murdered hunger revenge begins to be born in your heart.


• - Map with history
• - Details of the story are told every moment of game
• - Items drop system
• - Bag System






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Holy Awakening
Champara Bros
Mc !
Gwen Stefani

Single Player, Rpg, Warcraft

The War Of The Four Kingdoms (Map)

StoPCampinGn00b 20:56, 23rd Feb 2015 Map Moderated - The War of the Four Kingdoms Comment - Shar Dundred's Review Verdict - Rejected, 1/5 Other [TR]Map Submission Rules Staff Contact The Hive's StaffMap Reviewers...

Shar Dundred

Community Moderator
Level 71
May 6, 2009
Map: The War Of The Four Kingdoms
Version: 1
by Shar Dundred

First off, the terrain is lacking basicly everyting. No tile variation, massive lack of doodads, the placed doodads loke strange, the trees are planted in a formation that's for an army, not a forest. The cliffs are just too even, especially the cave looks just strange.
Add more tile variation, make the forests look more natural, place the doodads more around and use more of them. Experiment and test around a bit to get the best possible result for this isn't really good at the moment.
Personally, I dislike the sunken ruins walls you used for the human city. How about using other city wally from the Hive or find something else to replace it?
Also, for the cinematics, I didn't like the camera you used. You used some cameras, jumping to each other, never moving when not jumping. Only a few of them were not jumping.


Well, the story begun quite strange. The intro was very confusing, just being thrown into the map with a main character talking about being attacked and ordering the child to get away without the player seeing the Orcs - on contrary, we see the orcs coming AFTER this very dialogue, so there was no way Barry could've seen them coming. So, Samuro the far too big Orc kills the kid and leaves Barry close to death after his weak grunt guards are killed by Barry.
Then, after being injured, the unconscious Barry wakes up in front of the king instead of, I don't know...inside a hospital or temple or something? Also, I found it hilarious to see how fast the king ran away.
I didn't really enjoy the dialogues. You're using way too much swearing at some points to make the story be taken serious - swearing itself is no problem at all, but in my opinion most places you used them were just... wrong. I mean, yes, at some points it might fit but since you're using words like like "fuck" and "shit" too often, even at the fitting places it gets annoying. I'd reduce this. Also, there are way too many exclamation marks at some points. Also, there have been many spelling issues (i. e. you used third person "he" and "his" instead of second person "you" and "your" and visa versa among others)
Next, the Dreadlord guy just acts strange. First, he is like "You know me but I don't know you" and then suddenly, he knows about Berry's whole revenge and all. I mean, he is a Dreadlord, he can know everything but his behaviour is really strange - even for a Dreadlord.
Some happenings just felt strange. When caught, I destroy a cage and... an ANGEL appears out of nowhere? Why did I have to destroy the cage? The angel didn't really look like having been captured there.
Wars between some different kingdoms have so many possibilites when it comes to events, dramatic changes, plot twists, betrayal and so on. You could use this basic story concept you've built to create something much better. Right now, it feels just wasted.


The gameplay was... strange. It has basic RPG stuff like different types and uniqueness levels for items. Talking about items, everything but the common stuff was REALLY overpowered. A rare helmet giving +15 armor? A legendary item granting 20 armor AND immolation? And that's not even the strongest stuff I've found. The whole "random drop items" should be worked over. Perhaps making weak enemies lose basic stuff and stronger ones the better items? Anyway, the items need to be made weaker. Once you got the first strong one - that happens quite fast - the game gets waaaaaay too easy. Also, it's kinda strange to get the strong stuff from ordinary mobs while bosses drop nothing at all.
Also, the stasis traps in the cave shouldn't drop items for being activated.
The level design is... simple. The areas were too tunnelish for my taste. You had two ways to choose in the beginning, yeah, you could walk either the right of the left way around the trees, but most of the time you can only walk one way without any extra areas or something.

The attribute system is bugged. I could only use one point per attribute per level. Barry had waaaaay too many points which I wasn't able to use. Also, the additional heroes weren't really useful.
The abilities for Berry were nice, but I couldn't get them past level 1 - and therefore wasted points on the merchants for nothing.
Also, I'dd suggest changing something about the players. Add more different players for the different factions. Instead of naming the Humans just "Allies" I'd perhaps call them "King Galles' Troops" or "The Alliance" or "Kingdom of (enter name)" and so on. Also, don't call one player "Others", use different players and call them "Orcs", "Forest Inhabitants" and so on.

The "boss fights" were... not good. You simply gave the boss units much hit points and stuff. It's not hard to win, you just have to hit him again and again. Perhaps this could help you.
The beginning of the map was too boring. Just running around, no fighting. Only a group of treants appeared when I returned with the message.
In addition, the map is quite short.


No bonus points.


In its current state, I can't really approve the map. As mentioned before, you could create something really big with the whole "War of four Kingdoms" concept, but currently, this is lacking too many story and gameplay elements.

You should take a look at the Tutorials Section. You can find many useful tutorials and also advice there.

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- When I killed the Summoner ghost, the effect that appeared where he died didn't disappear and was there during the rest of the game.
- When entering the room with the two levers, I killed the right one and didn't get out of the room anymore
- Replace some of the force walls with gates, just force walls and nothing else looks bad. Also, invincible gates would fit much better at the borders of the human city than the force walls.
- Add more enemies at the beginning. I only encountered a group of treants after I got the message. Makes it more dynamic.
- Add more new and different types of units, create a good balance to make them not too weak and not too strong.
- Most of the map is empty. Use that space to create something bigger. Work on the story, add minor plots, make the major plot more interesting. Work on the terrain, fix the bugs, make the gameplay more interesting and make the plot better. A good map needs much time.