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The Summer Maze 1.2

Nafre Presents

Summer Maze Escape v1.2
Created by Nafre

Map Info

In this map you have to race your friends to the finish line. The only way you can reach the finish line is by passing a test. You can find a test when you see a gate or a portal which you cant enter. To enter a test you have to type -enter. When you complete the test you will be sent to a waiting area. In the waiting area you have to wait for the timer to end then you will be released.


Image Description:
This is the Maps Overview


Image Description:
This picture shows a player doing the collect the coin test. The wave and test idea is from Maker's Omega Wave.


Image Description:
The picture below shows a player fighting a ogre in a test.

Image Description:
The picture below shows a player casting the speed ability which enables the caster to move very fast and dont take any damage.



Thanks to:
  • Katanoueki (Tester)
  • Lordfan5 (Tester)
  • Water Knight

  • Water Knight
  • GIANT Crab
  • TROLLVOTTEL (Meat Hook)
  • Maker (Omaga Wave)

Author's notes

This map has been optimized and compressed so it wouldn't be too big as i like small sized maps. If you find any bugs in this map please tell. I will post the unprotected version of this map later.

Change Log:

  • Removed some leaks thanks to Water Knight and Giant Crab
  • Fixed the bug where an overlord can leave the TD region.

  • Added 3 modes.

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Race, Maze, Mini-Games, Omega Wave, Meat Hook

The Summer Maze 1.2 (Map)

21:58, 12th Jun 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Approved Map is bug free and it's nicely presented, still it miss game modes, difficulty settings and such things.




21:58, 12th Jun 2011
Status: Approved
Map is bug free and it's nicely presented, still it miss game modes, difficulty settings and such things.
Level 8
Mar 22, 2008
I love the map man just there is a couple of small leaks i have found when i look over your coding.

They can be fixed real easy with a simple custom script
  • Unit die
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Dies
    • Conditions
      • (Unit-type of (Triggering unit)) Equal to Escaper
    • Actions
      • Set TempPoint = (Center of Starting Point <gen>)
      • Unit - Remove (Dying unit) from the game
      • Game - Display to (Player group((Owner of (Dying unit)))) the text: |c00ff0000Oh Dear! ...
      • Unit - Create 1 Escaper for (Owner of (Dying unit)) at TempPoint facing Default building facing degrees
      • Set Escapers[(Player number of (Owner of (Dying unit)))] = (Last created unit)
      • Camera - Lock camera target for (Owner of (Triggering unit)) to Escapers[(Player number of (Owner of (Triggering unit)))], offset by (0.00, 0.00) using The unit's rotation
      • Custom script: RemoveLocation (udg_TempPoint)
Notice how i changed the spawn to a temppoint and then remove it with custom script? This will work for all triggers where you summon a unit.

Also i found the terrain to be a little plain. You could try make it look better by adding some environment doodads.
Level 7
Oct 16, 2010
Hey tleno did you make the potrait cause if you did i want to give credit for it and also crab thx for the links i will try to improve my maps more.
EDIT: Can you all suggest to me a nice game mode for this map.
Level 17
Jun 9, 2007
Level 8
Mar 22, 2008
Here is some ideas for modes:

Timed Run: You have to complete the maze in XXX Time or you are forced to restart

Random Event: You have to complete the maze while you are randomly getting slowed sped up and even health taken or healed etc.

Chaos Mode: You have half move speed and half health.

These are my ideas so far.
Level 1
Sep 3, 2009
That's odd. Whenever I try to start the map it just gives me a critical error.
I tried everything. Loading the map again. Different folders.
Single Player, Battle.net, as Admin and renaming the map.
Every time a critical.
Does it work fine for everybody else? Because all other maps work just fine for me.
Level 7
Oct 16, 2010
Could you tell me what this error said. Sorry i didnt see your message.

EDIT: When i downloaded it and tried it again there seems to be nothing wrong. But if i can see the error message i might know whats wrong.
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