The Shadow of the Model...

Level 19
Jul 26, 2008
Hi guys. I am here because i have a problem with a model (haha the same opening as 10000 other people :p ).

Essentially, a model from hive does not have team colour settings on its own...

BUT its shadow has the team colours. I will attach pictures from a test map to explain.

Here is rexxar (model from craka_j's World of Warcraft project).


I guess because the project was never completed there were things missing from the models. Like protrait and team colour :(

But im not here to talk about portraits. What I want to know is, this model actually does have team colour, when i use a spell that creates a shadow of the hero, but the hero itself has no team colour.


If you look carefully, you can see that the shadow has team colour on the body (red)
I was just curious if this could be fixed easily. I know there is already a working rexxar model ( the original rexxar model ) so it is silly asking for help to fix a custom one. Its just that he is one of the heroes for my first playable map in my series (two already released), and the perfectionist in me is sad that there is no team colour.

But yea, it is not a pressing issue since gameplay is not affected, only my shattered pride haha.

Have a nice day.