The prophecy of Pandaria

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A strange thing happened today, while I was browsing for a map I bumped into this map. Into my old campaign submitted by another person. Afterwards I transfered it to my account and packaged it up.

This campaign was a very old project of mine, and it was my dearest project. For the todays standards the map isn't much, but still I do like it. Unfortunately it never got finished, so if anyone has the will to do so, he has my full permission.

The campaign contains eight chapters, while chapter VI is missing and can be downloaded here.

The campaign contains 5 playable chapters and 3 cinematic maps.
It was made by me, bounty hunter2 with the help of Lord Manroot, aradmilo and Clan Bloodfeather.

I also thank Tiberius_XXVII for the only model used, the goblin riflemen.




Samaro Yo Koci: Pandaren Fire Model Used : 4 Custom Spells : Chapters 1,2,4,5
Buzan: Paladin Model Used : 0 Custom Spels : Chapters 2,4,5
Mu Kasa Yo Koci: Pandaren Chieftain Model Used : 1 Custom Spell : Chapters 4,5
Asaro Yo Koci: Wind Pandaren Model Used: 4 Custom Spells : Chapters 4,5
Starfury: Bloodmage Model Used: 0 Custom Spells : Chapters 4,5
Jack The Forger: Villager Model Used: 3 Custom Spells: Chapter 6
Bob the Gunner: Custom model:Goblin Riflemen Used: 3 Custom Spells: Chapter 6

8th. June. 2009.
  • Revamped Chapter I
  • New minimap image
  • Fixed Cinematic III typos
  • Fixed Cinematic II typos

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The prophecy of Pandaria (Campaign)

VGsatomi: Approved. This campaign has all the essentials. Cinimatics, quests, and well designed and laid out maps. However I don't think I've played a campaign that had more spelling errors and typos then this one. We're talking every other word in...




VGsatomi: Approved. This campaign has all the essentials. Cinimatics, quests, and well designed and laid out maps. However I don't think I've played a campaign that had more spelling errors and typos then this one. We're talking every other word in some parts. Strongly recommend doing some touchups on the text.



Level 22
Apr 12, 2008
Hey, an classic! I already played this before, and it's a good campaign for being old. The terrain lacks improvement and uses a lot of (OMG) blizzard cliffs...

I liked the story and the characters, but there are a lot of typos and some triggering errors.

Overall, an well-rounded campaign. Even being old, it's still worth a try.

Note: This is my review for the old version that was here before. I don't know if you made any significative modifications in it.
Level 2
Apr 18, 2009
Hey i found a weird bug in the first chapter.
Samaro says evretime ''Oooh,like it".
Whatever i do he says only that
Level 1
Jun 29, 2009
Cool Map for sure ;)

I did like campaign and Chars, but there's still some little terrain bugs etc.
But anyways it was good story and How long it took to make whole campaign?
Cuz im doing one by myself_ :confused:


And Samaro says all the time ''Oooh, like it''.
In Chapter l
Level 2
Jan 26, 2010
Better Holaaa amigo or is hello my friend! this very good your campaign I eat Latin fodder that I give 5/5 you: P
Level 3
Mar 17, 2011
I have to say... I found this to be... difficult to play. I mean, I don't want to offend you, but the typos were too often to be "typos", they were just terrible spelling, and grammar.
And, you have it set so mobs just charge in your base every 10 seconds... in the second map that can be a real b*tch. The only way to survive is to hope you get at least three friggin' Rebels out of the war tent before the second group arrived, and with the time for each rebel set for about 18 seconds, that's a difficult thing to do. I also managed to get all heroes to level ten, each mission (Didn't make it past Mission 3, I'm not including interludes as missions.).. because the friggin' mobs are givin' a crapload of XP, or heroes earn XP too fast. Either way.
Should you decide to take the public's opinion, I'd like to set mine in:
I'd like to have a few less typos, I could hardly understand what you said!
I'd like to have unit construction time reduced, or mob arrival time lengthened.
Fix the Hero XP/Reduce XP mobs give out.
Your campaign is otherwise okay.
Level 1
May 27, 2012
I'm sorry, i was wondering if could borrow your campaign and improve it, i guess i could make a great work on it, i wanted to do one on my own, but i realized it will take more practice, i've seen your work and the story and maps seemed to me really good but there were some things that didn't cought my eye, and some others that did caught them but in the sense that needs a remod. All credits will remain the same, and will add new credits if necessary.
Level 1
May 27, 2012
If you don't answer by tomorrow i guess i'll take it and mod' it (in all aspects, camp' duration, wrong typo, play difficulty, etc.) I'll leave more enjoyable for those who haded any kind of complain. Reply - All credits as it was + me.


Map Reviewer
Level 60
Jun 4, 2009
Not really much happening. It tries to mix melee with wannabe RPG but in the end it kind of fails due to many other unpleasantries.


-units selected during cinematic mode
-what's the point of saving the night elves if they don't help you afterwards or if the player doesn't gain anything at all?
-well, going left/west on the path into a cave is considered finding a secret?
-so, the village wasn't attacked until Samaro got there?
-the defense lasted about 1 minute, I think....
-return to the campaign menu instead of loading the next level
-there's not enough money to buy something useful from the furbolg camp

-the two combatants have their animation frozen; there's no visible spear hitting Joe
-holy light disappeared and another spell took its place
-I guess, an error (patch or not), the hero has 2-12 damage; actually all heroes have that low damage
-text missing in one of Samaro's transmissions after the bandits are killed
-killing the bandit boss will result in the immediate death of his minions

At its current state it's hardly 2/5.
Level 4
Nov 29, 2017
This campaign was... meh, I forced myself to finish it, the story seemed interesting but the bugs, for example the enemies only walking to the base and doing nothing, heroes with no damage, the grammar errors.
The final mission was boring, but you could fix the campaign overall and I guess it can be played