The Official Arkain Timeline [SPOILER]

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10th April, 531 E. F. (Empire Foundation)- Beginning of the First Books
- The Date which would later be considered the "official, real beginning" of the war later known as the Second Void War

5th November, 531 E. F.
- Beginning of the Second Book(s)

7th October, 532 E. F. /
0 Z. R. (Zyainor Rebirth)
- End of the Second Void War
- Foundation of the reborn Zyainor
- Creation of the new Zyainor calendar

13th October, 532 E. F. /
0 Z. R.
- The surviving Humans of Salria are offered to join and work for the Dominion or leave the Kingdom in peace, those who join the Dominion are put under command of Vanessa

4th November, 532 E. F. /
0 Z. R.
- Wedding of Gardon and Vail
- Lord Harmos is granted lands both in Rengar and in Kerrel to rebuild his order to its former glory and, hopefully, surpass it

5th November, 532 E. F. /
0 Z. R.
- Gardon changes his title from King to Ca'laer and Vail hers to Ca'lea, to use the Zyaise terms
- The Cult of the Black Dragons is turned into the official religion of Zyainor, like it used to be in the old days

2nd October, 533 E. F. /
1 Z. R.
- Birth of the firstborn son of Gardon and Vail

18th June, 534 E. F. /
2 Z. R.
- Behind closed doors, the hostilities between Larine and Vail seem to reach a new level

15th March, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Outbreak of a unknown plague in the Kingdom of Rengar and a quarantine of its capital and the surrounding areas
- Disappearance of King Hussan of Rengar and his family and foundation of a temporary government led by his father-in-law, Duke Oshan the Stern

18th March, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Birth of the daughter of Gardon and Vail
- Birth of two children of Larine, father officially unknown

27th May, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Beginning of the invasion of the territories of the Tribal Dominion by massive amounts of Undead

29th May, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.

- The Dwarves occupy several important mining areas of Kerrel, Zyainor and Rengar, claiming that they had been borrowed by their race to the Humans and would now be back under their control
- Princess Felicia of Kerrel prepares a regiment of soldiers to retake the Kingdom of Salria (unbeknownst to her father, King Dorten) to make up for the lost territories while also using the invasion by the Undead, which weakens the Dominion, to their advantage

1st June, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Completion of the recolonisation of the Kingdoms of Isalmur and Lor by Zyainor
- The Undead take several cities of the Dominion and accidently do them a favor by completely destroying all Mog'thar marauders within Salria simply because the Three Bonelords were sick of the constant attacks
- Thanok and Gardon begin developing new training methods for their armies while also experimenting with magic to improve their soldiers' capabilities
- Princess Felicia leads her army into Salria, supported by several nobles of the Kingdoms of Rengar and Kerrel

13th June, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Felicia manages to take several regions of Salria only to find them barren and stripped of all useful materials

20th August, 535 E. F. /
3 Z. R.
- Thanok and his forces manage to not only retake their own mines which have been claimed by the Dwarves, but also take control of those that used to belong to Kerrel and Rengar. The Kingdoms protest against having their land stolen yet again and demand that the mines would be returned to their rightful owners, only to be dismissed by the dragon.

3rd January, 536 E. F. /
4 Z. R.
- Birth of the second son (third child) of Gardon and Vail

16th April, 537 E. F. /
5 Z. R.
- Rumors spread about a group of nobles in Lor planning to separate themselves from Zyainor

1st May, 537 E. F. /
5 Z. R.
- The nobles of Lor who were conspiring against the Ca'laer and Ca'lea of Zyainor all get caught and executed by Gardon who then puts the entire former kingdom under the control of his trusted servant Thanok, naming him the High Lord of Lor, after revealing that Thanok himself was the one responsible for this "rebellion", wishing to gather and destroy all enemies within while also decreasing the trust possible rebellious nobles would have if any hint of a rebellion would come up again
- Councilor Birram is elevated to the High Lord of Isalmur

6th May, 537 E. F. /
5 Z. R.
- Gardon orders six garrisons, among them a rebuilt Derryn outpost, to be built around the no longer accessible Dead Mountain to keep an eye on the cursed mountain from afar after having lost a total of two dozen of black dragons that were trying to scout the area

3rd July, 539 E. F. /
7 Z. R.
- The Undead, approaching the capital city of the Tribal Dominion, are suddenly faced with surprisingly well-disciplined Dominion forces who wear extremely heavy metal armors and weapons

5th July, 539 E. F. /
7 Z. R.
- During the long battle between the heavily armored Dominion forces, who present strong opponents but are still slowly getting overwhelmed by the sheer endless amounts of the Undead led by the Three Bonelords, the orcish warlord Grofzag, with the help of the warlock Zairmak, causes a massive avalanche, burying the leaders of the Undead forces under it, throwing the mindless armies into disarray

22th August, 539 E. F. /
7 Z. R.
- Seeing the Dominion turning the tide against the Undead and not having gained much from their own attack, Princess Felicia and her forces retreat from Salria after having been attacked by the powerful Ogre Legion and hordes of spiders

24th December, 539 E. F. /
7 Z. R.
- All forces of the Undead within Salria are defeated, the remains of the Three Bonelords are torn apart by the Dominion and spread all over the former Kingdom of Salria, to never be put together again

25th December, 539 E. F. /
7 Z. R.
- Following the events of the Second Void War and the defeat of the Three Bonelords, Aridon begins to wonder if he was wrong about the Orcs not being part of the balance and also begins to think about the actual meaning of the balance which, so far, had been focused around keeping all different races alive, but still excluded the Orcs due to them not hailing from Arkain and being immune to Aridon's manipulations, ignoring the fact that them moving to Arkain may have been a move by balance itself

1st January, 540 E. F. /
8 Z. R.
- Aridon decides to go into seclusion to decide what the purpose of his continued existence is other than fighting against the machinations of the Dark One and keeping races alive. He decides to move into the deepest depths of the Dead Mountain, into the Great Temple that his creations, the Dark Elves, have built in his name, allowing his servants to do as they please in his absence as long as they do not endanger the balance - despite neither him nor them fully understanding what this balance is supposed to be from now on aside from preventing genocide

3rd February, 540 E. F. /
8 Z. R.
- In an attempt to replace the paladins who have left the Kingdoms, the Kingdoms of Rengar and Kerrel follow the example of Zyainor and try forming new knight orders, though with less success than Vail who has formed some of the new Zyaise orders herself, even training its grandmasters in their early days
- Assassination attempt on King Dorten of Kerrel is stopped by the king himself who kills the assassin with his own dagger. This is widely believed to be an attack by the few Golden Guard survivors or even Demon Slaves while the king and his daughter believe that their "dear" neighbours in Zyainor are responsible, but have no proof to even consider blaming them
- In order to prevent the plague from Rengar spreading into their lands, the races of the Tribal Dominion begin to lock off the borders they share with the plagued realm and decide to no longer raid its lands

2nd March, 542 E. F. /
10 Z. R.
- After finding proof that a group within the Kingdoms that is loyal towards the Zyaise realm and is suspected to be secretly supported by the dragon-worshippers, the Kingdom of Kerrel puts an end to all official and unofficial trade agreements with Zyainor
- The Kingdom of Rengar denies support in the trade blockade as their realm depends on the trade in order to survive due to the quarantine still taking place in the very heart of the kingdom, the heartlands now even being surrounded by a giant wall to prevent the plague from spreading even further

17th May, 543 E. F. /
11 Z. R.
- After having lost the third expeditionary force in the Dead Forest, Queen Larine forbids attempting to recolonize the area and instead encourages her people to relocate to Zyainor instead of trying to colonize the dreaded area which had been lost ever since the undead invaded the Elven Kingdom
- In order to keep the greedy creatures of the Tribal Dominion and a possible invasion by the dragon-worshipping Zyainor fanatics at bay, the Bloodstone Dwarves, with the support of High King Zarin Hammerfall, spread their deadly fire weaponry, in the past handed to only the most elite of their clans' soldiers, in the dwarven fortresses
- An army of Orcs led by Vanessa claims several of the mines held by Zyainor for the Tribal Dominion

5th June, 547 E. F. /
15 Z. R.
- After defeating an enormous undead sea monster that had haunted the sea route between the capital of Zyainor and the dutchy of Isalmur, the Pirate Queen Zora, illegitimate daughter of the late Grand Admiral Merlon Seabright, previously having been in the service of Commander Daric in his fight against the Orcs and later Tribal Dominion back during the Second Void War, is offered by Gardon to join his court and gain the titles, lands and ships that he had wanted to give her father. Surprisingly she declines the offer
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- Added more events following the end of the Second Void War

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