The most cool monster in WarCraft3

Level 25
Sep 28, 2004
1) Bandits. Very versatile, with only a couple of annoying abilities (Divine Shield). Can be used for many triggered events (transmissions, ambushes) to make enemy encounters feel more alive.
2) Gnolls. Not as versatile as bandits but are satisfying to kill, can be used on many maps and don't have any annoying abilities (like Magic Immunity, Slow, Flying, Possession).
3) Murlocs I guess

I hate trolls. Every troll feels the same unless it's a Priest.
Golems are OK, but the larger ones are annoying when you can't use spells on anything else.
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Level 10
Oct 2, 2005
If we're going with "Monsters", I have to go with Mannoroth/Pit Lord.
Just look at how god damn evil he is:

Level 5
Oct 6, 2017
Golems, dragons and ogres are really cool stat wise, but aesthetic wise, the felguard family are easily one of my favourite ones, those bulky, hulky demons sure look dope with their giant warblades.
Maybe if Land Frost Wyrm as a ground unit creep existed -- like in those old pictures of how it was originally going to be on Warcraft III -- then maybe this would be the coolest monster. "Cool" as in cold magic and also "cool" as in most awesome, don't you think?

In general just being dragonlike makes something cool. I wonder if you gave Thunder Lizard wings and made it fly like a dragon if it might become more cool?? Or is that even possible?