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The Empty Throne

Discussion in 'Roleplaying' started by frettory, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. frettory


    Jan 19, 2012
    The heirless king had died of unknown causes. The royal court has been thrown into disarray. Everyone is scrambling for the throne, doing anything they can to get it. You are a noble who serve in this court, or perhaps one of the counts, barons or dukes in one of the other castles in the realm. There are many obstacles in your way to getting the throne, including nearly everyone else.

    Whether it is through raw strength, poison or having connections everywhere, you will get the throne with any means you have.

    So, what is the Empty Throne?

    The Empty Throne is a RP where your objective is to become king.

    Creating a Character

    Fill the following form:

    Attractiveness: (in p.: 100 is very pretty)
    Height: (in u.: the average human is 6 u. tall)
    Weight: (in e.: the average human is 10 e. heavy. 7- e. is light and 13+ e. is heavy)
    Personality: (put anything in here)
    Inventory: (put items in here)
    Skills: (measured in c., where 0 c. is unskilled and 10 c. is very skilled. You can put anything in here, from sneaking to cooking to spatial sense)
    Relations: (You can play this RP with another player. Simply put their name in this field.)

    and PM me it.

    I may modify your character if it is contradictory with either itself or another character or your character is too OP.

    How stats affect gameplay

    Stat Explanations
    Age: People take old men more seriously, but older people suffer in hands-on things as a result.

    Gender/Attractiveness: 40 f. for people to take you seriously, 100f. for maximum seduction power. Males scale better with seriousness, females scale better with seduction. Below 40 f. and you are playing at a handicap.

    Height: The higher your height, the more people will be intimidated by you. However, if the space you are crawling through is lower than your height, you will suffer a movement speed penalty based on the height difference.

    Weight: Mainly affects sneaking stuff and going on boards. The lower the better.

    Personality: Does not affect gameplay other than NPC personality preference and trustworthiness.

    Skills will be detailed later.

    Relations is for 'multiplayer'

    Note that NPCs have preferences for certain stat values. Sometimes, you will meet someone who likes fat people, or an ugly person. However, it is usually not worth the gamble.

    Useless stats for pure 'diplomats' would be Weight and most skills.

    Useless stats for pure 'assassins' would be Age and Gender.

    Ideally, you want to strike a balance between the two.

    Making a move

    Each turn, I will PM you of your surroundings.

    PM me the move. Note that speaking in-character in this thread or the live thread is strictly forbidden. If you want to start a conversation with another player or an NPC, PM me.

    Once everyone made their moves, I will post their results in the live thread.

    Skills (in progress)

    While you can make up your own skills, here are the more common ones:

    Agility - Affects the number of moves you can take per turn. Each 2c gives you 1 more turn.
    Stealth - Affects the noise you make while under stealth.
    Duping - Affects the speed and noise made by you pouring a liquid (say, poison) into another liquid (say, wine).
    Parkour - Affects the speed you move while in dangerous terrain (say, a thin plank) and your likelihood of falling.
    Reaction - Affects the chance of you being saved by the DM if you make a mistake (also known as dodging and being fast enough to grab a ledge)
    Accuracy (weapon) - Affects the accuracy you have with the weapon. Very useful if you have a bow.
    Pickpocketing - Affects your chance of taking something from another person without being caught.


    News Bringer - Aolini (frettory)

    Treasurer -

    Head of Religion -

    Concubine #1 -

    Duke/Baron/Count #1 -

    War Minister -

    Civilian Minister -