the elf priest staff's sphere, how to do it ?

Level 28
Mar 9, 2012
when you look at gnoll's ball on the end of a chain,
or the orb at top end of priest's staff*,
it is actually an 2d texture but once the model is playing any animation it gets rendered the same no matter which direction you are viewing it from, emulating an 3d feel.

*this also applies to human emissary model, interestingly if you replace the texture with custom it breaks and shows up as 2d.

I need the knowledge on how blizzard did that at those models as want to fix an certain model using ball and chain like gnoll's.
Level 19
May 29, 2013
It's just a simple 2D plane with a ball texture, attached to a billboarded bone. Usually, if a model has any kind of glow that isn't a particle emitter, it's a billboarded plane. If you plan to use them, make sure the bone is positioned in the center of the plane.