The Dark Memories

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Mar 18, 2007
It's just a start, and I might continue it, not rly sure yet. Here it is, hope you all enjoy. :infl_thumbs_up:


The demon's body twisted and contorted in front of the baby boy. It's face, although a fluid dark matter, could clearly be seen in different forms, floating through the dark cloud. The baby tried to crawl away, but he just stumbled and fell. The demon formed into a red, monstrous creature. It's horns jutting from the top of its head in a long upward ark. A cold hate gleamed in its eyes as fire formed in its hands. "Today," hissed the demon, "you shall die." And its flaming hand swooped down at the baby's heart. "Your soul his mine," it bellowed out. But as the demon's hand wrapped around the warm, living soul of the baby, it recoiled in pain. It looked at it's hand, and screamed out in pure agony. Steam started to rise from the demon's body. Then, fire erupted all over the demon and cracks began to form on its surface. The demon let out one last scream of hate and agony as it exploded into tiny pieces. The baby peaked around, finally having the wit to open his eyes. Nothing, no demon, just nothing.

Chapter 1

A young man carrying a large pile of wood in his sturdy, callussed hands walked up the road from the timberyard. He wore a ragged, tan shirt along with muddied, dark brown pants. He was a peasant, and like all peasants, he was strong and limber. The town he lived in was a segregated town consisting of different levels of housing, food, and clothing. It was based on your family, and if you were born into a certain family, you were stuck into their class forever. He had been adopted into a humble, peasant family at the age of four. He didn't remember much from his orfanage, but one thing was always stuck in his mind. More of a feeling than a thought. Cold, firey eyes gleaming at him from the darkness. A chill ran down his spine, some thoughts were meant to be kept locked away.
He arrived at the house he lived in. It was roughly built with a hay roof, insulated by packed manuer. Its wooden walls had several windows, but with no glass. Glass was an expensive luxury only the rich could afford. He set the logs onto his left shoulder as he used his right hand to open the door. Dust scuffled around on the floor as he entered. His unbiological mother looked at him and smiled. "Back so soon, Danniel?" she said. "Yes, Denise," he answered. He set the logs down and hugged her. "Oh, you've so grown up, Daniel." "I know mum, I know." Normally, his father would've been sitting in his normal chair, normally he would have been rocking back and forth, humming his normal tune. But Daniel's father had been mugged and beaten five years ago by one of the rich class, when Daniel was only eleven. His father had died a day later from internal bleeding."I think I'll go to bed, mum," said Daniel. "Yes, that'd be a good idea," Denise replied as she picked up some yarn and started to weave.
An hour later Daniel woke up in his bed, sweating. "We're coming closer, oh precious Daniel," a dark voice mocked in his mind as he woke up. He had had a nightmare. There were more and more of them lately, pouring through his head in his sleep. Monsters, demons, retched creatures not meant to be thought of, were the things he dreamed about ever so lately. A clash of thunder sounded from outside. Daniel jumped. When he had gone to sleep it had been cloudless. He looked outside, and saw rain pooring down on the many pines that surrouned the house. Daniel's eyes cought on to something. Just a glimpse of movement in the tall grass, nothing much. But it startled him. He went to the window and poked out his head. He saw it again, his eyes shooting around to see more motion. Then just for a second, only a second, it moved onto a non grass covered patch of dirt. He saw it, all of it. A hunched, skeletal creature. Its long, claw-like fingers ripped through the dirt as it moved. A grisly tongue hung from it's mouth, a patch of dark gray hair sprung from the back of its skull. It wore a simple cloth around its hips, and grime rimmed around its joints. It shifted its head, and its eyeless sockets stared at him through the rain. It then ran on. "A ghoul," thought Daniel. He didn't even think when he thought that. The thought just... popped up. An expression of shock filled over his face. How did he know what this thing was? he never remembered hearing anything about it, but he knew what it was. How?
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