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Mar 21, 2008
This ROLEPLAYING group is open for everyone who can bother to make a character introduction and not wreak Hell before I've come and given the opposite of a no-no.
I'll be honest here, and say that I am expecting everyone to follow the proper rules of roleplaying, meaning no shizzle-whizzle (That's not a word), but people that are new to roleplaying / not so experienced with it, are always welcome. As long as they're willing to learn. Dangit.

Apart from the hive rules, that I wouldn't want to follow, but will anyways, I want these things to be followed:

- Don't be an ass towards anyone or neglect their doings, unless it's 100% remove material.
- You are not invincible, get that to your head.
- No, you cannot slice someones head off in your post, isn't that the best thing to do in roleplaying.
- Give people time to respond, unless it takes them years, then you can just kill them off for all that I care.

I guess that is all that I wanted to tell you. Yap.

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