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Team Tactics

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Jan 18, 2008
Team Tactics

Hi, I am new and I am currently developing a map.. It's already on its 1.04 version..


A simple AOS-CTF game. Win the game by capturing the opposing team's flag and bring it into your base.


1. Rank System - Rank improves at Class Level 12 and 25.
2. Class Level - Improves health and damage randomly. Also, basic abilities are upgraded every 5 levels.
3. Clan Bonus - Clans are the key to success. Try building an entirely new strategy with clan bonus. With a minimum of 3 players from the same clan in your team, your whole team gets a new clan bonus (An aura). (Not Yet Implemented)
4. Base Level - A hero level


Win the game by snatching the opponents flag from their base and by bringing it to your base. (Correct me if my grammar is wrong)



Current Version:


What I need?

Beta Testers
Some Replays

Changelog V1.04

Changelog for version 1.04


- Fixed Desync
- Fixed Fleet Pilot bug


- Base now regenerates mana
- Towers distances tweaked


- Restoration items tweaked


- Added new heroes
- Added new abilities for melee heroes
- Fleet Pilot Tweaked
- Mana Deregeneration is now changed from 1 to 0.75

Playability: Playable


V1.04 - http://epicwar.com/maps/41660/
V1.03a - http://epicwar.com/maps/41440/
V1.02 - http://epicwar.com/maps/41065/
V1.01 - http://epicwar.com/maps/40173/
V1.00 - http://epicwar.com/maps/40159/
V0.05 - http://epicwar.com/maps/40034/


  • PPxV1.04-Playable.w3x
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Level 1
Jan 18, 2008
The Clan system activates when there 3 hero of the same clan (taverns) are in your team..

Example: 3 of your team mates picked a hero from the scourge's tavern.. The clan bonus of the scourge will be activated in this manner.. When this is activated, all hero on your side of the team will have a specific buff depending on what clan the clan bonus is activated.
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