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Workers >s. Tauren

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Level 3
Feb 21, 2008
Tauren >s. Workers

This map is all about speed and strategy. You start with a worker on one side of the map, the tauren spawn on the other. When you start out, a hint is, use Sheep Tag tactics, build far enough apart so that you can walk around in-between your buildings, and the Tauren can't. The object of the game: You and your team have to use "Blockage" (A building used to stop the Tauren from smashing your face in) and build across the line of terrain, tricking and avoiding Tauren until you reach the other side to complete the level. At the moment I only have one level, because I'm not exactly sure if the second one works, but it is, of course, a work in progress, please try my map out and get back to me! Suggestion: Play with at least 4 players, or you'll lose =/.

My Map
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