Swordman and Lieutenant

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Well, these models are based on the Farstrider Cavalry rider and edited again into a Footman unit. The units came with little differences going to the more armored versions, to the modern reinterpretations of more chainmail and cloth with less hard armor, these can work as variants based on role.

I'm aware of the Stand-4 or drinking, looks more forceful on the guarding the blade part, but i couldn't make it look smoother.

The sword mesh came from Direfury's; Human Captain General who gave permission to edit with the credits.


Lifebar reduced to the same values as the Footman values.

Blood Elf Lieutenant (Model)

Blood Elf Swordman 1 (Model)

Blood Elf Swordman 2 (Model)

Blood Elf Swordman 3 (Model)

High Elf Lieutenant (Model)

High Elf Swordman 1 (Model)

High Elf Swordman 2 (Model)

High Elf Swordman 3 (Model)

General Frank
Okay, the extent issue is fixed, but I would like you to fix the camera on the models. Please fix either the facing of the heads or the position of the camera and the background plane. It looks very weird and just 'off'.