Sword Decoration <BR>

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Wall Sword Decoration
Here is my first serious try for modeling in Milkshape 3D 1.8.2.
Originally i made this as attachment (only the sword), but i saw it might look good as a wall decoration, and here it is :D


It looks quite good, so i decided to upload it for everyone to use. One of the good points are that it's using ingame textures, which decreases the filesize, it is only 8.5kb ;)
Hope you like it and it's useful to you
Feel free to leave suggestions and feedback as well as rep :D

UPDATE: Here, i think it should work now, thanks to my friend, Revilo :)

Wall, Decoration, Swords, Sword, Blade, Doodad, Indoor, Shield, Hanged, Furnite, Sharp, Blood Raven, BR

Sword Decoration (Model)

Frankster : Nice and simple. Works in-game and performs well. Approved.




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Frankster :
Nice and simple.
Works in-game and performs well.
Level 11
Aug 23, 2010
buff version? no, i'm not good at it... i think of making non-shield version, which could be used for chest attachment too... what you say?
Or maybe a version with diffirent textures...?

i think both of them is a great idea :D but i much more like the attachment thing :p
and i want to ask something, if the model is changed to an attachment and i attach it to a unit , is the unit put the swords on his back? if it is, that would be used in my map :D