Survival Hill

Level 8
Nov 4, 2006
NAME: Survival Hill
DESCRIPTION: You are a group of marines. Your orders were to secure a nearby outpost in a town called "Trianton". Usually, there would be people roaming the streets and cars, but ever since the virus has been passed, people have been turning into zombies. Your job is to retrieve a sample of the virus from the outpost's labs and survive untill help arrives.
Terrain: 100%
Triggering: 90%
Spells: 100%
Units: 100%

Maker's Note: I was adding a Save/Load code in it, it works but... its not working right(GUI VERSION FROM USER SUBMITTED SAVE/LOAD CODE AT THEHELPER.NET!)
Can someone fix that please? I really need that fixed so i can finnaly release V1.3 i mean! V1.2 is out, here is download link:
Im using EpicWar for the releases and old versions, once its a final(or something), im going to upload it here.
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Level 16
Oct 30, 2004
DESCRIPTION: Read the loading screen or the description in-game..(V1.1a IS OUT!)

Is that a joke? The point of creating a thread in here is to get people interested in your map so they would download it and play it. But instead you are just telling us to play it, no info. I admire your courage, but I'll also have to be honest with you, you are not going to get anyone to play your map by saying just that. Not to mention there is no download link or attachment....
You have already made multiple threads in the map development forum so I would assume you have read the rules, or did you just get lucky with the other threads?
Read the rules and update this asap.