Level 48
Apr 18, 2008
Recently I was thinking - why is there no option to subscribe to Group Discussions\Album Images? I know that other vBulletin-based forums have that option, why can't The Hive have it? It would be a lot easier if you ask a question on someone's image and then you wouldn't have to check that image every few hours to see if someone responded, plus sometimes you can forget where is a specific image(what album and what user profile). As for discussions... It's just plain annoying to check for new messages every time. That's one reason that many discussions and social groups are not that active at all.


Level 75
Oct 6, 2004
Not something I will develop for the current THW. But I can tell you this:
I am working on a complete rewrite of the site and ALL kind of discussion will be using the same system (maps, threads, resources, albums (if we are getting that)) so subscriptions will be for everything that contains a discussion.

It will take a long time to make this rewrite but I promise you. It will if not impress you with features and design, it will impress you with speed.