Stuttering and lag

Level 6
Jan 17, 2019
Hey guys this last week I’ve been experiencing an annoying amount of stuttering in WC3. Sure sometimes triggers cause a hiccup especially if they insta spawn units but this lag is causing me to actually freeze up for 4-5 seconds and then the units go full turbo to catch up to where they should be.

Any suggestions?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 57
Jan 18, 2005
Is it with AI players? Since there is a known stutter issue with Warcraft III melee AI when they have problem build bases or pathing to the player.

Otherwise try deleting the Warcraft III settings from the registry while Warcraft III is closed. I had a sort of stuttering issue that resolved once the game reset to default setting. Remember to raise visual settings afterwards as it defaults to some nonsense low value.