Stone of Arynth

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Jan 13, 2008
The Stone of Arynth


Howdy all, Just introduced myself to these forums, been looking around all day since I could not post until just recently. Figured I'd go ahead and post whats really brought me into the Warcraft Community.

About five months ago, I and a few other people (Includes my good buddy Romek) started working on a campaign called the Stone of Arynth (Pretty catchy eh?).

I promise it's a campaign with a story you've never played. How can I promise this? Because I wrote the story!

The Story:

You play as a young man, Jeff Alkore, whose blood line runs back to that of a man named Thain Adorn, the Dragon Lord from the old ages. Jeff learns of his powers, and finds his destiny is sealed to stop the evil Dragon Lord Baldure, who was defeated ages ago but has been reborn. Jeff must travel the world, gaining allies and making enemies along the way such as Azgoth, the Dragon Warlord and Bukuma, one of Baldures servants.

The story will have quests, not just your simple beat player two to win or get from point a to point b campaign. The Campaign will have a story behind it, one that will let you gain an in depth view from the characters lives. The Campaign will probably be in parts, part one, part two, ect.


* Many Custom Units: None made by myself so far, but credit is given to EACH author of the models I've used and skins. Thank You all.
* Unique Spells- Again I have made none, credit is awarded to each creator.
* Amazing, complex Story.


* Terrainers- Doesn't have to be awe inspiring, but is easy on the eyes, cities and woods.
* Trigger Makers- Includes Cinematic and Basic trigger functions such as Quests and such.
* Spell and Unit Modifier- Anyone who can make spells or can help with the customization of units, Model editors, Skin makers, would be a huge asset to the project.

The only Real Guidelines I have set for this, is to remember that this is a Project, not a job! Have fun! So far, Romek has agreed to help with spells and beta testing, which helps out a lot.

Everyone will have their own part of the project to handle. I've posted this on The Hive and other forums, so if you've seen this campaign already, you know what it's about! Anyone who would like to contribute can play the first four maps, all of which are in the beta stage, and we may even consider reamping the whole campaign again.

If anyone is interested, feel free to pm me or reply back to the forum! Special thanks to all who are interested and who took the time to read this, screen shots will be up shortly!

Official Project update thread:
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few screenies


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