Starship Troopers v1.37d

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This is Starship Troopers v1.36 remade from the FINAL version! I got inspired from the Starcraft Map and i liked it that much, that i remade it for Wc3.

I managed to reduce 1MB of the total Map-size, but i also imported some new models and more Sounds, tricky huh? :D

Anyway, you have to Survive till the Timer expires and you will be rescued. Meanwhile you hide in some forgotton outpost, and try to survive till the promised Support will arrive.
You start with 2 Marines, and with the Gold, you earn from killing, you can buy new Marines, Firebats, Gunships, Tanks and stuff like that.

So enjoy and have fun playing! =)

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Starship Troopers v1.37d (Map)

Level 2
Jan 25, 2005
well it sounds good 5/5 i wonder why this is the only post well anyway good map if it has lots of :rifle: well its good
Level 3
Jun 20, 2009
I would like to point out some issues I have with the map;
I realize that meany of these things are probably intentional, but if you could adress some of them, I think it would be much better:

- MiGs and Spaceships(Wraith and Battlecruser, respectivly) are targeted as ground units, meaning they are 2-shoted and 6-shoted by Brain Bugs and torn to pieces by Zerglings! please change it so that these units are not worthless in-game.
- you cannot repair any vehicle, due to a lack of vespaine, which means I have to buy a new tank when the one I have takes even moderate damage; please ether provive some vespaine or remove the vespaine cost for repairs.
- fighting off the hydralisks in basicly impossible without the range upgreade for marines, as the marines are outranged while in bunkers, and outguned on foot; is that intentional?
- on a similar note: The Mutalisks also outrange unupgraded marines(which is not even close to their abilities in starcraft, they have 3 range, marines have 4, 5 when upgreaded!); is that also intentional?
- you cannot rebuild AI Bunkers when they are destoyed, is that sosposed to be the case?
- The Siege Tank in Siege mode can shoot enemies next to it, is that what you wanted? if not, please adjust the "minimum range" in siege mode.

Other then these, it is a great map, simple, but that is what makes it so good.
3/5 as is, 4/5 if you make at least some of these changes.