StarCraft ZoneControl v6.12

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StarCraft ZoneControl is a Warcraft III map based on the original "zonecontrol" made in Starcraft. It is played by two to eight players. Four gamemodes exist; in the normal gamemode, Free For All and Simple gamemodes, the objective is to destroy all opposing bunkers. In the King of the Hill gamemode, you win the game by controlling the center zone for a fixed period of time.

Each player starts the game with a base consisting of a Command Center, Academy and Facory. These structures are respectively used to control, upgrade and reinforce your army. Depending on the gamemode, several upgrades will be available at the Academy. Most of these are focused on improving your most important unit: the Marine. In the simple gamemode, only a few upgrades will be available, simulating the game as it was in StarCraft. The factory can be used to construct special units in the FFA, KotH and Normal gamemodes. These units are: SCV, Ghost, Medic, Wraith, Vulture, Siege Tank and Goliath. In all the gamemodes, you can also construct dropships and marines there.

Aside from the main base, each player also starts with a bunker. Bunkers are the only means of expanding your territory. Marines periodically spawn from bunkers, increasing your army its size with every cycle. To create additional bunkers, you need Dropships - constructed at the factory. To take control of a zone, you must order your dropship to Land in the center of the zone. It will then descend and construct a bunker there, after which the bunker will start spawning marines as well.

Many people were involved in the creation of this project, the most important ones:

Map Creator; created the triggers, loadingscreen, map preview, units and terrain.
Also created the website template, edited and optimized all of the models, created or edited all the icons and converted the soundsets.

Coder; Totally rewrote a lot of the code (into JASS) in my map and created new code for new systems. Also created/modified the ground tilesets.

Coder; Helped finishing up the code and rewrote some triggers to optimize.

Coder; Picked up where Deaod and DoomHammer left off, improved more code, added new systems.

Modeler; Created the Siege tank model, ghost model and partially the marine model. Also advised/helped on various triggering and modelling problems.

For a full list of credits, more information and downloads, please visit the website.
Direct download link for the map: click here.

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StarCraft ZoneControl v6.12 (Map)

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For a full list of credits, more information and downloads:
Map direct download link:

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