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Starcraft v1.1

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
You play a Own created Story taken from Starcraft original Campaign.
- Play as Raynor, Kerrigan and Fenix
- Follow the Storyline
- Fight against much Enemys
- Play careful this won't be easy
- Dont't play with cheats that will ruin the Map feeling.
- Search all Areas of the Map to find Hiden Units, or other things.

-Added custom imported Models and replaced old ones
-Added Doodats on some Places
-Fixxed some Bugs
-Fixxed some Text,Messages


Starcraft v1.1 (Map)

17:49, 16th Jul 2009 PurplePoot: Not only does this map push the limits of the rules due to the description alone, Zelda.Alex's review makes it clear that it needs a lot of work before approval is a possibility.




17:49, 16th Jul 2009
PurplePoot: Not only does this map push the limits of the rules due to the description alone, Zelda.Alex's review makes it clear that it needs a lot of work before approval is a possibility.
Level 1
Dec 7, 2008
The description on hive can be improved. Spelling mistakes should be taken care of. Placing about the abilities of the heroes & the different units used in the map can help. Adding Screenshots can also help.
The description in-game can also be improved. The quest log description of the main quest is quite vague. It is written that I have to escape from a place (It has C as the first alphabet) but I don't know why as I haven't played starcraft. Placing background story can help. Also what is the limits of the place? I never found as the whole map looked alike.

This isn't a campaign map. Even if this is taken from Starcraft campaign it has only one single map and I think that it should be under role-playing game category.

Spelling & Grammar:
There are some spelling mistakes which you should think about improving.Like there is Enemys which should be enemies.Also there is dont't whoch should be don't. Both of these are on loading screen. Also there is spelling mistake when rebel is spelled rebell. None of them are very problematic for understanding the message that has to be conveyed but removing them will make it easier to understand. Also what does spiler mean?
Grammar can use correction too.

The death animation of the marines has a little problem. When the corpse of the marines decayed then their guns are still present. Even long after their death the guns were still present. You should think of a solution for this.

>>>The first marines which join me have a little dialogue problem. The commander never talks to them but the marine start talking by themselves. Wouldn't it be better if the commander speaks firstly and after them the marines speaks?
>>>After I recruit the Marines there are Zergs present. The message about the Zergs being present comes a little late as I can easily kill them all before the dialogue "More Zergs...Kill them all" appears. You should fix that.

>>You should use a different model for the commander. It is hard to distinguish the commander form all others on the field.
>>The model of the robotic ant which the commander can summon is hard to distinguish from the terrain. You should use a different model for that.

There aren't any items in the map. Why? Maybe Starcraft didn't had any items (my guess) but still adding a few things to the map adds to its playability factor.

Music & Sound effects:
You haven't used custom music in the map. That could be used to make the map better.

Fun Factor/Replayabiity:
This is one thing the map lacks. There is only hack & slash in the map in the beginning. Traps & riddles. Also there is only one path on which I can proceed. Why? That makes the map boring. Try adding your own elements to the story or you could ask for someone's help with that. It will enhance your map's replayability.

Cinematic Part:
The cinematic part needs work.
Firstly they aren't skippable. They should be made skippable in case someone doesn't want to hear them out.
For second part that I want to explain take for example the first cinematic where the 5 marines had cornered my units. When the enemy marine speaks about the Zergs he didn't even rotate to see the Zergs. Would that happen in reality? Also the Zergs had appeared out of nowhere as there wasn't a way they could have walked towards the place as there were marines blocking the path to the place where they stood. See some illogical things were present which need to be taken care of.
Another problem I noticed was that cinematic did not start at appropriate times. Like I was able to walk to Fenix without fighting the big group of marines to their right. I made it to them by walking from the south of them. The cinematic started when I went to a little right of them.
The camera is static in most parts. It should move a little.

The terrain isn't good. The use of doodads isn't nice. The doodad that I mainly saw was bones. It is logical to place bones at different places as there are monsters but other doodads like stones & dead trees should also be present. I also saw a flying doodad (a big rock) near the place where there are 4 marines behind the blockade.

Other Suggestions:
>>You should make all three of the main characters hero. It makes easier for me to find them. I had moved away from them and was left searching the map for the place where they are present.
>>>The unit are placed in excess near the overmind. You shouldn't do that. It looks unnatural.

My rating for this would be 1/5 & Vote for disapproval

If you want to develop this then I would suggest that you take this into Map development section.

The things that I have mentioned are not intended to discourage you and tell you to stop this map but rather give the points on which you can work to improve this.
I hope that you will use the things I pointed out to improve this map.

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