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[Starcraft] Siege of Augustgrad

Discussion in 'Game Development' started by JCarrill0, Jan 8, 2016.

  1. JCarrill0


    May 25, 2004
    Siege of Augustgrad
    Siege of Augustgrad (Emperor's Fall)
    UED command center, near outskirts of Augustgrad; capital city of Korhal.

      Starcraft 1 Map
      • Tileset: Desert
      • Type: Veteran Level Campaign
      • Player(s): 1
      • Map Size: 192x128
    • // HISTORY
      After losing a major battle against UED forces near Augustgrad's outskirts, the Dominion not only lost a significant portion of its military arsenal and equipment on the planet, but also the defenses of its capital city were exposed to further attack. Moreover, with Dominion outlying garrisons engaged in battles elsewhere and the bulk of the UED fleet present in the siege of Korhal, the Dominion High Command was unable to bring up any reinforcements in time for the upcoming assault on the Emperor's palace. Still, Dominion deployed defenses and strength in the capital was still substantial, and UED officials recommended its ground commanders to advance with caution.

      The Dominion capital world (Korhal IV) was defended by nuclear weapons and a large battlecruiser fleet. As the planet had been previously devastated the defenders had no compunction against nuclear warfare.
      I stayed up for hours recreating a map I pulled from the XTerran05 Campaign. It was a mission to Destroy Mensk's Command Center. The mission prior to it was to destroy either his Nukes, or BC capabilities.

      The map I created adds both Nukes, and BCs into ONE map. I had to recreate both maps, so it took me some time editing the terrain, the Unit Placement, and even the Locations and Triggers added to recreate it all. I also have sound Imported, which also has been edited somewhat. I am wanting to post it, But everything done was made with the original Staredit.
    • // DOWNLOAD
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2016