StarCraft: Knights

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Mar 21, 2011

"Man's ambition is that of the bureaucrat's opportunity. Man's laissez-faire is the bureaucrat's metaphor for corruption."
- James Koiter.

StarCraft: Knights is an upcoming custom-campaign revolving around former United Earth Directorate marine Isaac Rogers and former Magistrate and Marshal of Mar Sara James Koiter's exploits against the Terran Dominion in the Korpulu Sector.

Knights is focused around Isaac Rogers; a former marine of the United Earth Directorate's expeditionary taskforce sent to the Sector. After the defeat of the fleet; Rogers' actions saved the critically damaged D.S.S. Aleksander from destruction -- with it's surviving crew being one of the few remaining pockets of UED Brood-War veterans.

Rogers', disenchanted with the UED; was contacted by Erin Koiter, a former Colonel in the Confederate Armed Forces' Special Forces (informally known as the Green Berets); discharged from the Confederate military due to his 'methods'. Rogers was given an offer to merge his forces (whom were the remaining personnel of the Aleksander) with the Knights of Freedom; an anti-Mengsk faction led by James Koiter; a former Marshal and Magistrate (and Confederate Marine Corps Major) of Mar Sara who was instrumental in the Fall of Tarsonis, and Erin's brother.

Rogers accepted; leaving behind whatever was left of his allegiance to the Directorate. Soon after, the Knights of Freedom became the Federation of New Washington; a nation led by the elder Koiter (James) residing from the eponymous, obscure Fringe World of New Washington -- a federation prided on its laissez-faire economy and liberties -- liberties not allowed in the mainstream Korpulu trinity of Terran nations (the Umojan Protectorate, Kel-Morian Combine and Dominion) without repercussions.

Rogers has been sent to the desolate world of Tarsonis -- now undergoing a terraform by the Dominion who has sent a garrison to protect a Moebius Foundation xenoarchaeologist dig-site. Fighting the Dominion; Rogers has lost all clarity of what he is fighting for as his comrades dwindle.

- Release date December 31st 2021-2031.

- My computer (a Mac 10.5) is very, very buggy with the Galaxy Editor and often crashes with it and goes all major malfunction.

- Additionally, my computer is running StarCraft 2 under-spec so I can't really analyzize campaign-maps or play the campaign to any real extent.


- Mapper: Can do a basic layout of a map -- I will do the rest on most maps.
- 3D Graphics: Can use/animate existing assets and create new ones -- the range of assets range from story-mode sets and characters to low-polygon in-game units.


- 2D Graphics: Not available.
- Concept Artist: Not available.
- Writer: Note that this may range from a variety of different categories; technical, screenplay, story et cetera. You must possess an intimate and enlightened knowledge of StarCraft lore, WarCraft lore, Apocalypse Now and other sources in and out of entertainment mediums.


Any other roles are accepted -- just message me with the desired role.

- Passion and dedication. This is not World-of-WarCraft in Browserland where you go abruptly leave after a rage (minus the steal five-hundred gold out of the bank-part) -- and this project is going to take a while, by which time you will have children and have been in a failed-band.

- Intimate knowledge of Brood War and Apocalypse Now. These are the things that the project is based around. Additional sources include Heart of Darkness (the novella -- also maybe the documentary about Apocalypse Now), knowledge of the Vietnam War and of United States presidents (Kennedy, Nixon and Johnson in particular -- the Vietnam trinity).

- Any time-zone is accepted though +1000/+1100 is preferred.

Contact [email protected] for communication about the project.





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Level 5
Mar 21, 2011
Legacy of the Void, I would think? And the release date is because of:

1) My computer.
2) By the time it is released, people's computers will no doubt be able to play SC2 on Ultra at 60 FPS+.
3) I'm aiming for a 2000 page script. Atm I'm 70 pages down on that.
4) Its pretty much bigger then every single StarCraft campaign combined. Theoretically.