Stalchild (Alternate Skeleton)

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Hey! I made another model!

This model is inspired by the "Stalchild" enemy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

From Zeldapedia:

"They are undead, skeletal creatures that seem to be closely related to Stalfos, except more child-like and unarmed. Stalchildren seem to be nocturnal, as they are only seen at night, and when the sun rises, they immediately disappear."

I'm pretty new to animating so please tell me any problems with the animations and the model.

Thanks to @Mister_Haudrauf for helping me create this model.

Please give me credit if you use him! :D

1.0 Uploaded
1.1 Changed Leg Texture
1.2 Made animations have more movement.
1.3 Added collision, added event objects, added Decay animation and made it disappear at the end. Made Death non-looping
1.3.1 Decay, Portrait Talk and Birth animations are now Non-looping

Stalchild (Alternate Skeleton) (Model)

No. They don't. They need serious work. They're static, unnatural. They're good enough for a first step, but need much more work.

And before you say it, they're unnatural in that they don't mimic realistic motion. Robots have more fluidity of motion. Not 'unnatural' in that it's a skeleton, or something stupid like that.

Gengar, I would suggest taking more cues from the Stone Golem and ingame Skeleton models. Keep going, you're nearly there.
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Jun 28, 2017
Played Zelda Ocarina of Time (Not MJ) on my very old Pikachu N64 console today of this year and this month (the 2nd day of July), read the first and second parts (Chapter 1: Deku Tree Questline and Chapter 2: Find Princess Zelda after exploring the world of Hyrule), and it was great.

Also they come out at nighttime like Zombies. Good for them. :D
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