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Spoils Of War

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Apr 18, 2009
A New Genre of game: Spoils of War


After The Sundering, realms were scattered,

Soon, warbands imposed their law

Entire populations were massacred

New realms arose from the water

As those of old vanished in the tides

But now the time has come

to prevail over the others


You play as one of the five races of the Universe of Dalagon. Your main objective is either to destroy the enemy's main structure or to amass a considerable amount of resources that can be specified during the game. There are many ways to gain gold. You can either capture mines, that will generate wagons that will automatically go to your main building, raid caravans, capture enemy wagons, or slay enemy champions and heroes.

Events will appear peridically, among those are:

  • A treasure hunt, a random low level item will spawn somewhere in the map in blighted spots.

  • A caravan convoy will spawn every 15 minutes in one of the three ends of the river and will march towards another end in a slow pace. Destroying it will ensure a large income as well as valuable items

  • Patrols will spawn every 20 minutes after 30 minutes of elapsed time at each player's base. They will automatically direct themselves toward enemy bases. Patrols are ideal to defeat enemy players.

Heroes have 4 abilities that upgrade with level gain. Max level is level 25. Champions are specialized units. They have hero damage and armor but do not gain experience. Champions and heroes cannot equip the same items.
Some items are destined only to champions and some only to heroes.

Three types of champions are distinguishable:

  • A Warrior Champion:melee champion, its role is to sustain a maximal amount of damage.

  • A Spellcaster Champion: ranged champion focused on casting support or offensive spells.

  • A Rogue Champion: may be ranged or melee, its main roles are disruption, sabotage and damage.

The conflict is happening between 5 different factions:

  • The Wood Elves

  • The Minotaurs

  • The Faithless

  • The Empire

  • The High elves

Many captureable Structures can be found during the game:
  • Outposts: They provide a haven for your squad, detect invisible units and gives you vision over the valley.
  • Settlements:
    1. Barbarian camps: provides a small amount of mercenaries.

    2. Mines: periodically sends a gold wagon to you base, giving you gold when arriving.

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Apr 18, 2009
This isnt really an altered melee, its a mix between games where you control one hero, and games where you control armies. You cannot build structures in this one, you start with a main base,3 specialized buildings, one for each champion, and a special race building. There is a limit to the units you buy, so that youll never have mor than 10 units including heroes and champions.
Level 19
Sep 14, 2007
The faithless as a race of desert wanderers who don't have faith in any metaphysical entity such as shamanism or the light in Warcraft. They rely only on their skills in bow, sword and herbalism.

And what is mordheim?

It's a tabletop game where you have a certain amount of money and you buy members of your warband with the money and spend money on the items they use. The warbands are small 15-20 in size with a few heroes etc..

It sounded very familiar to me even the races are similar.

Anyways good luck on the project.
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