Spiky Arena v1.3b

-Kobas- presents Spiky Arena

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About Map:
This is a fun multiplayer map which me and my friend have been working on lately. It started out as a joke and ‘cause I was bored, so I decided to make something in WE to keep me entertained for about 15 minutes. And that map has shown as an excellent way to kill time with your friends in LAN or online
Map Summary:

Basically, this is a classic, free-for-all, hero arena but not one of those long and boring ones. This is just straight up killing and outsmarting your opponents in a short space. To spice up the fun a bit, I placed deadly spikes all around the arena and that was the trademark on which named this map for!

At start, red player chooses game mode and game difficulty:

1. Deathmatch -> Whoever gains the set number of kills first, wins
2. Goldrush -> Whoever gains the set amount of gold first, wins
3. Life Orb -> First player who save Life Orb for set amout of time, wins
Some pictures of the Game:





Author’s notes:
I’m planning to continue adding up to map, but I want to hear what the guys here have to say about it. As usual, I accept any suggestions and/or critics you might have to offer. Also, I’d like to thank my friend, The_Mirai, for helping me a lot with this map. (Testing, Ideas...)
Last Update from 1.3 to 1.3b:

1.Removed Ai due to minor bugs with Ai movement and ability system (Maybe can be added in later versions)
2.Small changes with map name, fixes, creep upgrades...
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Spiky Arena v1.3b (Map)

12:16, 27th Feb 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 4
Jan 9, 2010
Ok, I really like this map. Feels good that there are more stat-minimalists out there.

The most important things I saw after a few minutes of testing:
-The AI has to be improved.
-You need some more balancing, I'm suggesting reduce default damage, make strength give 4 health instead of 3 and make 0.5 damage per primary attribute.

Voting for Approval
It says that the filename is to long or using invalid characters, so I hade to make the file name shorter... fix that


Don`t joke. The AI is not playable. It just goes into the spikes.

I write above that it is primitive Ai :confused:
However i make improvements, and fixed that thing with Ai self killing!

The most important things I saw after a few minutes of testing:
-The AI has to be improved.
-You need some more balancing, I'm suggesting reduce default damage, make strength give 4 health instead of 3 and make 0.5 damage per primary attribute.

Done Ai is now better and heroes are balanced

Btw thanks for comments! :thumbs_up:
Level 4
Nov 8, 2009
ok. 1 its an awesome idea. very creative map.
2nd it's true tht AI is a little crappy.
3rd Dont harrass the dude. He is a good mapper. I like his stuff.
4th Like my gramma used 2 say: "three days is a power of illness"
Now tht didn't make sence.
Level 7
Dec 28, 2009
Omg Finally someone who uploads a map with a decent description and actually a decent map.

Well this is deserving of a review and thus it will get one.

*NOTE: I played death match hero 4*

  • Nice description
  • Nice custom heroes
  • Nice custom spells
  • Nice concept
  • Working AI!

  • No bugs that I noticed
  • Everything seemed balanced
  • It seemed to work
  • It was FUN at first then it gets boring.

  • Same thing over and over again
  • Only 4 Heroes
  • Only 2 game types

  • An Upcoming update log
  • A youtube video of ingame play
  • Credits a must have

  • How to play
  • Credits
  • Background of map
  • Heroes outline

How this would work is you pick one of the 4 heroes. Say for example the Blades master it would start out really small and have weak abilities/moves.

Then when it gets to level 10 it would get bigger and stronger moves and start off at level 1 again.

It would repeat the process until it had awesome moves and was huge, maybe repeat the process 3-4 times.

Just a simple Idea to make the game a bit more interesting.

Well for this idea to work you would need to have rounds. Well when the game starts it would flash and speak Round 1 and then each round it's the last person standing in the arena that wins. (The game modes would still work the same, get as much gold as you can and get as many kills except their are rounds) Then when everyone is killed it goes onto the next round.

Okay once everyone in the arena is dead you have 1minute in the shops, which could have potions, stat boosters, spawnables etc and then the next round would start and so forth.

Just a simple Idea to give you something to spend your ever so pointless gold on.

Well I was thinking that 2 game modes are not enough why not add a 3rd one?

So, for the 3rd game mode I was thinking you could add "HOLD THE ARTIFACT"

HOLD THE ARTIFACT is where you choose how long a person has to hold the artifact for 1minute 3minutes 5minutes or 10minutes.

Then when you get in the arena it is a mad rush to get the artifact which spawns in the middle of the arena. Then once someone has the artifact you have to get it off them.

To get the artifact off the enemy hero you have to kill them and pick it up where they die. When the person with the artifact dies, the artifact falls on the ground, there time stops and resumes once they get the artifact again.

Just another idea to make the game more interesting.

My rating: 3/5


Hope you like my review,

PS: Awesome map bro, good luck with it and I hope this is approved!
Level 4
May 25, 2009
Funny to play but Strength heroes have great advantage against the others just bcs they have high hp
Funny to play but Strength heroes have great advantage against the others just bcs they have high hp

Maybe, but for example Hunter (agility hero) has attack speed 3x faster than Warrior, movement speed is increased by 50, also his spells are very good for impaling enemy heroes on spikes :xxd:

O jea this is all about skill :razz:
Level 7
Dec 28, 2009
Omg you actually..

Omg you actually added some of the ideas that I suggested.

Nice update and thanks for adding some of the ideas I suggested.

New mode Life Orb (Try to save Life Orb for set amount of time)
Added shop

I suggested them :p

keep up the awesome work on this sweet map 5/5,

PS: Thanks and good luck
Level 10
Jun 1, 2009
First of all i must say; nice description :thumbs_up:

I will only say things that i thing that need to be fixed:

1.Camera dont track unit when unit enter portal,fix that.

2.Shops have unit models but they have ground textures like buildings,fix that looks ugly :/

3.When slave die, you dont see death animation becouse he revive instant,that also lools ugly,set that he revive after 2-5 sec.

4.Quest menu need improvements.

5.Items are basic and to simple. You can make better items and set that they have attachments.Example you buy shield, shield appers in your hand...that will look cool and it is perfect for Vilager model becouse he have empty hands ;)

I give this map 3.5 and vote for APPROVAL :thumbs_up:
My friends still play this old map :)
So I decided to improve it a little with new jass skills ^_^

I started working on new map last night, because this is far from fixing ^_^.
I use totally different approach this time, and so far I coded, hero pick, hero respawn, Force Push ability, Spikes system. I will create game modes and multiboard tomorrow or tonight when I come back from school.

So if you are interested, post some cool new ideas, what would you like to see in new Spike Arena II map?

It will be FFA arena map for now. (Max 12 players).

I attached small proof as well.


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