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Spike v1

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Level 6
Aug 15, 2007

Created by Jetherit

There are two teams. All players are given one unit, with two abilities. Jump allows you to fly yourself to any point within 1000 range and is used only for mobility. Fire Rocket fires a rocket to a target destination. When it gets there, it explodes, and throws all nearby enemies backwards. Distance thrown is based on the mana of the casting unit at the point of casting. While sliding backwards, the units will take damage if they come in contact with any of the spikes placed all around the map. The only way to kill a unit is to make it run into spikes until it bleeds to death. At this point, the player that owns the unit that fired the rocket gets a point. Points to victory are decided by the host at the beginning of the game. Although there are teams, only one player has to reach the threshold for the game to be won. Units respawn instantly at their base.

Trigger specifics:
The entire game runs on a system of unit "states". When a unit is walking, that unit's state is set to 1. When it is in the process of jumping, it is 2. And finally, when the unit is being thrown back from a bomb, it is 3. This lets the engine know how to handle the variables that are stored within a master Real variable array. The game has a total of 7 triggers, 3 for initializing, 4 for normal gameplay. Data for the proper function of abilities regarding units is controlled by global variables, while those regarding the missiles from the Fire Rocket ability are held in items in the inventory of every missile for the sake of multistanceability. The trigger that controls all the functions runs 50 times a second, with approximately 140 lines a run. It does not lag since it is the only trigger running constantly. There are absolutely no BJ functions used in the main function of the game, and are only used for certain things like victory/ defeat actions and map initialization. All math done in the Periodic trigger is inlined, or otherwise stored in the trigger for initial spell cast.

This is the most complicated map I've ever made, trigger-wise. It is unprotected, and if you need further explanation of how everything works, feel free to PM me.

Thanks to anyone who takes time to look at this map. Please give me any ideas or glitches you find.

Gave a cooldown to Fire Rocket (1 second) and Jump (3 seconds). Leavers are now announced, and their units no longer respawn. Color glitch should be fixed.

This map can be downloaded at http://www.hiveworkshop.com/resources_new/maps/6380/
or from the file below.


  • Spike v1.1.w3x
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