SpellBook Ability Download

Level 2
Sep 13, 2007
I make maps using TFT Editor than i convert everything to RoC. what i was trying to do was...
since RoC Editor doesn't have the spell book Ability would it be Possible if i give a hero the spellbook ability and i convert the map to RoC then i use MPQ to import the spell book Ability

So when i host the game..the hero can be able to use the spellbook ability in RoC just like in TFT is there a way i can do this?

i looked at the War3x mpq for so long and i couldn't find the spell book ability file can anyone get me it so i can download the ability

Thanks for any help
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Level 5
Jan 13, 2008
Yes I think it is possible, because when u convert it all TFT spells are added to the map.