Spell Request :)

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Level 3
Apr 13, 2009
My last spell request didn't go so well, but I still need a poison spell, so:
Name: Poison Orb
Effect: Creates a poison orb at the chosen area. The orb poisons every enemy that gets near it for 5 seconds, slowing them and damaging them over time.
Level 1: Orb stays for 3 seconds, it has 300 AoE, the poison does 20% slow and 40 damage every second.
Level 2: Orb stays for 4 seconds, it has 400 AoE, the poison does 25% slow and 75 damage every second.
Level 3: Orb stays for 5 seconds, it has 500 AoE, the poison does 40% slow and 100 damage every second.
Model for Poison Orb: Orb of Poison - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

THANK YOU! +rep and credits!
Level 22
Nov 14, 2008
I can give it try but need to get some stuff first:

Do you want me to base the poison on shadow strike so it will be like a float for the damage or just damage without float, got another spell else to base it on.

Also do you want it MUI or is it only used for one hero (easier for me) :)

That's all I need to know ;)


Level 11
Nov 15, 2007
You should look up some tutorials for simple GUI spellmaking. No offense but I don't like to waste time making spells as simple as this for others, because I assure you it'd take roughly 10 minutes to learn how to do it yourself.
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