[SPELL REQUEST] passive spells

Level 2
May 20, 2009
Hi guys , there are 3 spells i need . if anyone can make at least one that would be great !!

the first one is:

1) Bullrush : a passive ability that allows a unit when struck , to charge in what ever direction he is facing. will knock back units (400 range) and deals some damage. there is a 15 % of this happening.

level 1 : 15 % , 30 damage.
level 2 : 20% , 40 damage
level 3 : 30% , 50 damage.

2) Deflect : passive ability that gives the unit a 10% chance to completly deflect a spell/ or physical attack .

level 1 : 10
level 2: 15 %
level 3 : 20%

3) Adreinaline : has a % chance that when the unit is hit, it will gain increasesed attack speed and run speed for 5 seconds.

level 1 : 10% chance , 10% run speed and attack speed increase
level 2 : 15% chance, 10% run speed and attack speed increase
level 3 : 20% chance, 10 % run speed and attack speed increase.

thanks to who ever does it. if you have questions please post. and id like them in gui . thank you everyone :thumbs_up:
Level 3
Jul 19, 2008
your first spell, it will make the unit go randomly to other places, it might be annoying to some people. Ex: Your hero is fighting a guy who is making a flame strike, he got hit, bullrush into the flame strike and get dmg.
Level 1
May 4, 2009
the thing is the first spell isnt for a hero ,its for a boss unit :) ... and thats what i want to capture the crazyness of this boss running randomly hitting things in a mad rage.

i bet it would be annoying for a hero , if anyone were controlling it, but it isnt so i dont think thats an issue =D

and this is hanzo. i just forgot my pass word to this acc >_<
Level 7
Aug 30, 2008
The seconds spell can be done using the ingame-abilities i think

like give the unit the spell shield ability and the chance to deflect damage, just set the chances and amount of damage reflected.

although i dont feel so good about the spell shield...