Spell Help

Level 4
Apr 2, 2008
Bassicaly i have a spell where once activated it gives u + x3 - x9 ur base dmg depending on the level. And also once u hit someone the buff of the spell goes away. Durring activation u get faster and once u hit someone u do knockback (from redscore's knockback map).

For some reason once i hit someone i only deal my base dmg but not with my bonus dmg i get from the spell. i dont get whats wrong, ive tried many things and i have noticed one thing

My ability gives me extra dmg when one of my tiggers arent activated that trigger is the once where once u hit a target the buff is gone.
Here are 2 of my triggers that might help
  • Event: A unit starts the effect of an ability
    • Condition: Ability Equal to Roar
      • Action: Casting unit = to Unit
Now heres my second trigger

  • Event:A unit is attacked
    • Condition: Attacking unit equal to Unit
    • Action: Wait .01 seconds (game time)
      • Remove roar buff from Unit
Plzz help