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Spell Book System 2

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Level 37
Aug 14, 2006
Oh, hi there.

I have been making my campaign for almost a year now. I have already released over 15 alpha tests from it. The campaign have a lot of great potential with it's new features and long gameplay. The campaign have currently 11 chapter, prologue, interlude and two interludes. The campaign also have example over 500 items, over 200 cinematics, over 30 hero spell, over 20 spell book spells, over 300 models, etc, etc.

Now, I want your help. I want you to make an awesome spell book system. It will be a huge boost for the campaign and it will give new sides to the campaign.

Before I start to explain about the system I want, I have to say you that I requested this system two months ago. Eleandor made an awesome spell book system for me. However, when it was put to the campaign, he dissapeared. Then I found some bugs, but he have not fixed them at all and no one can fix them sadly. This is why I'm requesting this system again.

Here is his system. It would be nice, if you can make your system to be based on Eleandor's system. At least he done the system with some dummy spells books so I had to made myself this trigger, it took my 6 hour to finish(it would be nice if I don't need to make this kind of trigger again, it really made me crazy...).

  • Once Settings
    • Events
      • Time - Elapsed game time is 0.00 seconds
    • Conditions
    • Actions
      • -------- === COMBAT KINGS === --------
      • -------- Counter Attack --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I656', 'A6AP', 'A6B2')
      • -------- Evasion --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I654', 'A6AQ', 'A64T')
      • -------- Lucky Strike --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I653', 'A6AR', 'A64S')
      • -------- Natural Armor --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I657', 'A6AS', 'A6B3')
      • -------- Stunner --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I655', 'A6AT', 'A6B1')
      • -------- === FIRE SPELLS === --------
      • -------- Fire Bolt --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I61J', 'A64P', 'A60Z')
      • -------- Meteor Strike --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I61H', 'A64Q', 'A64J')
      • -------- Phoenix Fire --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I622', 'A64R', 'A61P')
      • -------- === LIGHTNING SPELLS === --------
      • -------- Electric Stomp --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64B', 'A6B6', 'A6AX')
      • -------- Invisibly --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64Q', 'A6B7', 'A649')
      • -------- Lightning Bolt --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I624', 'A6B9', 'A61J')
      • -------- Lightning Prison --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I623', 'A6B5', 'A61K')
      • -------- Lightning Spiral --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64A', 'A6B8', 'A67H')
      • -------- === ICE SPELLS === --------
      • -------- Blizzard --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64D', 'A6BA', 'A643')
      • -------- Frost Armor --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64N', 'A6BD', 'A66Q')
      • -------- Glacial Spikes --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64G', 'A6BC', 'A67K')
      • -------- Ice Pillar --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64F', 'A6BE', 'A64L')
      • -------- Novotel --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64E', 'A6BB', 'A64F')
      • -------- === LIGHT SPELLS === --------
      • -------- Full Cure --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64L', 'A6BL', 'A64M')
      • -------- Group Heal --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64K', 'A6BN', 'A64G')
      • -------- Life Link --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('164M', 'A64R', 'A61P')
      • -------- Moon Light --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64J', 'A6BM', 'A635')
      • -------- Regrowth --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64I', 'A6BJ', 'A61L')
      • -------- Union Of Souls --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64M', 'A6C6', 'A676')
      • -------- === DARKNESS SPELLS === --------
      • -------- Mana Burn --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64O', 'A6BH', 'A613')
      • -------- Pain --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64P', 'A6BG', 'A648')
      • -------- Deadly Brazier --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64R', 'A6BI', 'A64N')
      • -------- Abaddon --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I64S', 'A6BF', 'A68O')
      • -------- === ESPERS === --------
      • -------- Esper - Anthanex --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I60I', 'A6B4', 'A6CD')
      • -------- Esper - Faerga --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I61O', 'A6BV', 'A6CG')
      • -------- Esper - Voartex --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I61P', 'A6BW', 'A6CF')
      • -------- Esper - Nyrzx --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I62R', 'A6BU', 'A6CE')
      • -------- Esper - Mryoxin --------
      • Custom script: call CreateSpell('I647', '26BT', 'A6CC')

So, if you are going to take this challenge, I want you to finish what you start. It's really annoying to request this system twice. I spend days with the last system... And I don't wanna that it will happen again.

Here are information about the spell book system.

  • The project is a campaign. So this is single player system.
  • Because the project is a campaign, you have to create a game cache also.
  • The campaign have three heroes: Phodom, Fradz and Galeoth.
  • I have already created all spell books. Also, all heroes can't use all abilities. Here is the list:
    • Basic Commands - For all heroes.
    • Espers - For all heroes.
    • Combat Kings - For all heroes.
    • Fire Abilities - Only for Phodom.
    • Lightning Abilities - Only for Fradz.
    • Ice Abilities - Only for Galeoth.
    • Light Abilities - For all heroes.
    • Darkness Abilities - For all heroes.
  • The last try failed because of this, so read carefully. First 4 chapters, you can only play with one hero each chapter. Chapter 5, you can play with Phodom and Fradz. Chapter 6, you can play with all heroes. And from chapter 7 to chapter 8, you can play with all heroes. Last try failed, because the load trigger bugged in chapter 5, the reason for this is because the load trigger couldn't handle to load Phodom and Fradz. It loaded spells for Phodom.
  • When you obatin a combat king, hero will learn it, or if hero have it already, a new level will be gained for the specific combat king. Maximum level is 10.
  • All spells, espers, combat kings you have gathered have to be saved for next chapter. Combat king is little different, because their level have to be also saved for next chapter.
  • You can find abilities for heroes by items. If you take, and then click an item, you will learn a new skill. All skills have 1 level, expect combat kings.
  • The combat system is a system where you gather combat kings. Combat kings are passive abilities(critial strike, evasion, etc). These abilities have 10 levels, so I want you to save combat king levels for next chapter.
  • Heroes doens't have any spells at first.
  • Make a test campaign, so we can both test it if it works perfectly.
  • You cannot use vjass, because I only use basic WE.

Please ask from me anything about the system, or the project itself I'm making. I'm a positive guy, and I'm ready to answer anything. And, as you can see, my english is not perfect and I'm a bit bad explaining stuff, so ask me anything! The easiest way to contact me is to put me to your MSN list. My email is [email protected]

If you can do this, I will give you some REP in here, and great credits at the campaign. I will put your name to epilogue and perhaps to prologue(depending if the system is awesome!). I really hope you can do this. It will be great boost for the campaign and for other projects that may use this system also. Thank you beforehand.


  • Spellbook test7.w3n
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Ok, it is clear that this must be MUI.
However please explain the idea better:

1 - What are the spellbooks ? Items ? abilities ?
2 - Which units have them ? All heros ?
3 - Do you need to do anything special to get a spellbook ?
4 - Once you have a spellbook, how do you add abilities to it ? What happens to the items ?
5 - So, a spellbook book can have any number o spells right ?
6 -ALL spells for the spell book have 1 level, except combat king correct ?

I think this could be easily archived with a set of parallel arrays, just like I do with CBS, but I must know some details first.
Also, I won't be able to do this system for you, at least not for now.
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