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Sonic Adventure Online - Chapter Two - Final Mix :Normal:

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Aug 22, 2005
Sonic Adventure Online 2 - Norm. FM - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site
(I hope to God I uploaded the right version of it...>.>)

Sonic Adventure Online
:Chapter Two- Final Mix:

*If a player leaves, control is given to everyone in the room, so you won't have to worry about ''leavers''.

*Easy to play, single player or multi player

*Since most of you will never beat Chapter One due to it's insane difficulty, the password to unlock the 4 chaos emeralds from chapter 1 is chaos-is-power , say that in the beginning of the match, and it'll unlock the hidden key for that level

*Relatively easy to beat and conquer with a dedicated group.

*Gameplay is roughly 2-3 hours long

*A bonus final level and true final ending/boss is available if you collect 6 chaos emeralds before you beat the endgame boss

*Secrets? Ooohhh...Secrets...

*Each character has an ultimate skill. Their mana cost is setup in a way that only 1 or 2 characters will collect enough mana to use their ultimate. Work together, and decide which skills are worth having.

*6 Levels, 5 Bosses. Can you handle it?

*Three Environments: The city, the desert, and the volcano.

The map itself is quite old, but work has begun on Chapter Three, rest assured. Play chapter two and get yourself in tune with the Story in the mean time ;)
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