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Sonic Adventure Online: Chapter Three - It's here! =D

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Aug 22, 2005
Sonic Adventure Online-Chap.3 (Gold) - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

Chapter Three of the Sonic Adventure Online saga is here!
After Chapter Two, Shadow has disappeared to a place unknown. Sonic and his friends explore the Ice Cap, and stumble upon to Blaze the Cat and Silver the Hedgehog from the future. This confirms Sonic's suspicions that Shadow's disappearance will lead to no good. So, the group of six heroes set out on a quest to find Shadow the Hedgehog, and stop Eggman's latest plan. What they find though, no-one saw coming...
*Supports up to 6 players. When a player is ''not'' in the room, control will be given to all other players. The game supports single-player play (You control all 6 heroes)
*A voting system will allow players to skip the introduction, disable cutscenes in general, and even some start with some bonuses, if the majority votes on it when the game starts
*Each character has 3 normal abilities and 1 ultimate ability.

Sonic: Super Sonic (50% more dmg for 20 secs)
Tails: Cureall Remedy (Ally gets full health heal and invuln for 5 secs)
Knuckles: Volcano Fist (300 dmg to nearby enemies plus stun)
Amy: Camoflauge (Invisible for a few seconds, 300 dmg bonus if attack)
Blaze: Flame Wings (Two collapsing flamewings stretch out to deal 50 dmg/sec to nearby enemies)
Silver: Psychokinesis (Grab multiple enemies using telepathy and smash them all into a single target, dealing massive damage to the target and stunning all effected units)
???: ??? (Secret Character)

*This game has 1 secret unlockable character, and 1 secret unlockable bonus
*Blue: Sonic, Yellow: Tails, Pink: Amy, Purple: Blaze, Gray: Silver, Red: Knuckles
*Gameplay about 2 hours long
*Replay Value =D
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