Soldiers and Generals - 1.11

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Soldiers and Generals 1.11


The campaign is a fictional story set during the war between England and France in the late 18th century. The resources of both nations are nearly exhausted. Military morale is getting lower. Despited numerous uprisings, George III of England refuses to withdraw his soldiers from the French front. Instead, he orders even more soldiers into the fray, including the greenhorn General Deklam.
The campaign has a unique gameplay. In each battle you control your army through the direction of your General. Instead of directly controlling individual soldiers, you use the General to give out simple orders to companies of soldiers. This allows you to easily control large numbers of troops.



*Fixed a typo (map 2).
*Deployment area shown with flags (map 7).
*All of the maps are visible at the campaign screen (so if you stuck then you can skip that mission).


Most important changes:

*English grammer fixed for map descriptions and cinematics.
*Fixed bayonet charges: now you won't see that your musketeers are running back.
*Now every custom icons have their DISBTN part.

Map 1, 3 and 9:
*The book models on the table are fixed, now they don't melt into each other (map 1).
*I replaced some indoor doodads for map1, 3 and 9.

Map 2:
*Deployment area is shown with flags.
*If you defeat the rebels and you are on the hill, then you don't have to move down and back to capture it.

Map 4:
*Many little changes, the map is now easier and more polished.

Map 5:
*Cuirassiers now have collasion, so they won't melt into each other.
*Fixed a bug with the enemy.

Map 6:
*I removed the wind effect, so now the map is not so laggy.

Map 7:
*Added bayonet charge.
*Many other little changes, now the map is more polished.

Map 9:
*Better ending.
Musketeer, Grenadier and Dragoon - BlinkBoy
Cannon - MadseN
General - Lord_T
Marshal - Tenebrae
Militia, Rebel leader and Cannon (map8) - Mechanical Man
Rebel/Jäger and Cavalier - Cavman
Horse - iristle
Camp - Kitabatake
Tent - communist_orc
General Riedrick - Ket
Cannon (icon) - The_Silent
Cloth (icon) - Mc !
Armed (icon) - UnholyDobry
Rifle missile - Talon the Mage
Cannon missile - WILLTHEALMIGHTY
Doodads in Marshal's room - Nasrudin, xXm0rpH3usXx, Kit
Born²Modificate - campaign menu
-ALPHA- - grammer corrector and model finder
Saphiree - beta tester
Won-Qu - terrain and trigger help
Sadvisor - terrain help
Have fun!
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Soldiers and Generals - 1.11 (Campaign)

16:12, 28th Jun 2009 Linaze: Soldiers and Generals is a strategical campaign about the war between England and France in the 18th century. The gameplay was quite entertaining and original, but it was a bit too hard at the moment. I also think making...


Map Reviewer
Level 52
Jun 4, 2009
You don't see this kind of stuff that often.

ambush level:
-the enemy goes tow the far west and then the French general returns alone. After he is attacked his battalions come too

a nice mess:
-once the musketeers are set to melee there's no turning back to shooting

-kind of naive that marshal welcoming the general with his gun on him

-levels could follow one after the other instead of the game returning to the campaign menu
-it would be nice if the cinematic levels have a mention in their title that they are not playable but only watchable

Overall it could use more love. The battles sometimes feel like a gamble.