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Another modern warfare/futuristic weapon attachment for marines. It's a detailed sniper rifle. It's the same weapon as the sniper man from my http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/models-530/sniperman_station-204762/?prev=status%3Dp%26u%3DMarkos3520 uses. It's made for fitting into marines from size. Feel free to use and/or modify it, you don't need my permission for that. Have fun with it!

EDIT 1: changed the handle and stock, so that it differs a little bit more from the assault rifle. Also fixed a few minor UV-mapping things.

EDIT 2: same story as the AssaultRifle: added a billboarded bone to which the laser beam is attached, lowered a bit the poly-count & filesize and additionally did a few minor wrap-fixes.

sniper rifle, sniper, gun, modern warfare, futuristic, weapon, attachment

SniperRifle (Model)

Frankster : Nothing too special but you solid work. Works in-game and performs well. Approved.




Moderation: 21:44, Thursday 17th May 2012
Frankster :
Nothing too special but you solid work.
Works in-game and performs well.
Level 49
Jan 20, 2010
its really high poly for an attachment. really, this could've been done with lower polies. like the long red thing for example, that can be done with just two planes. heck almost every part here can be done with lower polies. anyway 3/5 for usefulness.
i like guns but the geoset problems and the textures i give you just 4/5
the problems the mods mentioned aboved have been mostly fixed up to a certain degree (i.e. as much as possible) :wink:

Nice & warcraftish! :)
ty :grin: i wanted them to be warcraftish for fitting into the marines. I'm currently working on a marine model which will be exactly the ingame marine, but headless and with more anims. The headless feature is for allowing the user to attach different heads ingames for greater variation among the marines without needing many models with huge filesize. I'll make a few different marines too, like chemical trooper and such. I wanted to make a space campaign long ago, but the project was soon laid to rest, as i would need to make models for 3 90%-custom races. :vw_sad: