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Dec 10, 2009
Ok so basically my ign has changed over 100 times. i've been playing mmo's since i was around 5 (am 17) My favorite and best mmo to date was and is UO pre EA. (even pre expansion).

I've been aa player killer since UO and in every game since then.

MMOS I have played (plus a comment):

UO: -best mmo to date.
EQ: -played on first pvp server and left after lv 35 when i killed a someone whom i later found out shot himself.
EQ2: - played cuz my step fater played it, but was not fun cuz no pvp!:cry:
GW: -still play from time to time when i feel like playing arena style pvp
Lineage:- quit due to rl, but had lots of fun pk!
L2: - still pkin!
EvE:- was a pirate but quit to have a life
VSoH: -BETA got kicked from beta for telling the devolpers to hold back the release date cuz it had too many bugs. And suprise suprise it got nicknamed Vangaurd saga of bugs a week later.
DF: - Was the closest new thing to uo, but i quit due to i still play uo at the time on a free shard
WoW: - fucking shit. I hate the fact that its on my list of games i played

And more i just can't remember em all.


My favorite RPG:
Baldurs Gate Series!

Currently playing:
Tribal Wars
Baldurs Gate
Lineage 2
and more
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