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SKIN REQUEST: Scheen Waters

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Level 25
Mar 31, 2004
Hello people. I need me a skin

Scheen Waters

Model: Modified Sentry model (New weapon, non-large gloves + pirate hat)
Description: Scheen, though only of the age of 16, is exactly not the sort of person who you want coming after you. She has more strength in her arms that most people of her age, which enables her to wield her sword quite effectively. Her attire is mostly dark blue scalemail armour, which goes down to her legs, however her black boots go up to her knees. She also wears a black trenchcoat which she keeps open, to show off her scalemail armour on her chest. (The Trenchcoat is basically me turning the sentry cape into something useful, so that entire cape is actually part of the coat). She has a cheary outlook on life, and has brown hair. She is also a human, and doesn't wear gloves on her hands

I find that to be somewhat sufficient. Scheen is a majour character from Anaska, and wields an anchor originally but later gets a sword
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