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Skin Model Question Thingy w00t.

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Level 31
Apr 17, 2009
Open the model you want to replace the texture via the MPQ Browser.
Then go to "Windows->Texture Manager"
Right Click and Delete the texture you have edited and want to replace.
Do not delete the textures with "Replacable" in it. That's team colour or teamglow and don't delete the textures for particle emitters.
Right Click and Import the texture you want to atach to the model. (in .blp)
Don't be afraid that the model is now black.
Go to "Windows-> Material Manager"
Double Click on each material and in the new window double click again on the material name. At "Texture ID" find every material where the texure is "(None)"
Click on that and choose your skin. Do this with all materials listed there.
Save it in mdx and ready. :)
If you don't understand something ask again.
Not open for further replies.