SITE online party! What do you think?

Level 9
Jan 13, 2005
Will there be an anniversary for wc3sear & when?

I hope darky & the superpowers of this site would take the initiative to celebrate the birth of I mean there should be a massive online gathering for the faithful citizens. If it is possible to email those members that can be contact, they should be invited (like those telecommunication company when they have promo or something they informed their subscribers). One of the highlight in this event to happen is that each willing members (if possible) would release their best contribution (maps, spells, etc..)as gifts & presence to the SITE so if time allows we can start working now. Surely this possible event is something worth remembering. This is just my opinion & for the record, things here are just starting for me. If you have any higlight event that you can think of, perhaps you might want to share.
Level 8
Jul 20, 2004
Sounds like a good idea but we should all be able to come there or atleast most of us. I hope that if something like this organizes, I'll be able to come online.

And indeed, I understand that WoW must've absorbed Darky but can't he check the site for half an hour per day or so? If he has problems with the job... No comment cuz job is 100 times more important than the forum. Atleast for him.:D
Level 12
Jul 2, 2004
Mecheon's right. WoW consumed Darky forever (arrrrrgghhhh!!!!) And let's say the least. Some like me and satomi live far away from the majority of you. So yes, we're all living so far away.