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simple sonic system map

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Level 9
Aug 15, 2007
i'm making a sonic map the homing and the jump systems are ready but I coud use a little help whit someone who can make a fully GUI NOT MUI knockback sustem and give some ideas for the multiple target jumps becose i'm runing out of and if that one is ready to help i coud release the sonic system giving a credit to him and uploading it here so evry one coud have a simple sonic system for thayr maps and i coud than finish my sonic map
so i'm waithing for your posts here.

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Deleted member 177737

I believe that Pyritie was making a sonic map and had most of the systems finished, maybe you could PM him for some help?
(I think it was Pyritie, not 100% sure though. The last time I read about the map was last year)
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