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  • "Custom Hero Footies v4.0 wheres staff of teleportation?"
    Its in the hidden shop, you need to buy the gen item from Personal Shop 2 to get there.
    good work

    sugestion: can you add one single player mode, make one revive losing points
    blink have one distance very large
    sory if you not undeatanbd nothing of my english, I'm brazilian :grin:
    Hi, aganin
    now I have the kain model, but I don't konow how I make to import this, you can said it to me?
    If you give to me the Kain model, I will give to you the best Raziel, make by tenebis, you can fond it her:
    WarCraft Unlimited :: View topic - Raziel Model
    ok, give to me tha kain?:grin:
    "Request :sonic


    can some one make sonic that can spin and make him some other cool stand's
    (allso I am serching for vorador (Legacy Of Kain) + the Angel Statuies)
    sorry for the bad spelling

    Edit: skreenshots are posted in my next post""

    I need some "Legacy of Kain:Soul Reaver" models,were I can make download?
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