simple icons request

Level 4
Oct 29, 2010
for LegionTD! Easy requests ;) (+rep and credits for biggest helpers)

- Icon for It can be based on standard kael's ultimate ability called "Phoenix". i will post JetFang to implement it as a recommended icon for this model if author will agree to make author of icon getting more reps ^^.
- Yellow/Gold coloured Combat Golem (other possible names: Steel, War, Siege).
- I also need Nether-like golem icon. I have model: but no image unfortunatelly ;/
- Simple icon for model. I want just a few changes comparing to the Jain's icon: yellow glowing eyes, red hoodand (optionally) a LITTLE bit yellower hair.
- 2 easy request together: Blue eye glow as a head attachment + Arthas icon (regular one) with this glow added.

+rep for all. I will spam as often as I will be able to reps for biggest helpers and give credits in new LegionTD 3.0+.
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