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Shooters battlefield DM final

This bundle is marked as useful / simple. Simplicity is bliss, low effort and/or may contain minor bugs.
Shooters battlefield DM final:

Is a game based on PvP. There is deathmatch mode. This map is available for 4 players.
Player 1 from start can choose fraglimit 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100.
Then every player will choose hero (archer, rifleman, medivh, warlock).

In this map u need skill to kill your enemy.
Every hero have same spells like others for balance of spells.

This game is based on aiming, so u need to aim your spells and attacks to kill your enemy.

Its really fun to play with full slots :) I tested it with my friends.

I hope u enjoy this map. (sorry for my english)
Map is protected.

Hero Arena, Deathmatch

Shooters battlefield DM final (Map)

18:38, 9th Aug 2011 -Kobas-: Status: Rejected
Level 16
Apr 18, 2011
Lacks a better description, look at some bb codes. Or try and check -kobas- map descriptions.
Also check the polishing guide

Since you are new:
If map isn't finished jet, use Map Development forum for that!
You can make thread there upload your map so people can tell you what they think just like you did here!
Also for any help with triggers or how to clean memory leaks post triggers and create threads here Triggers & Scripts!
Btw if you need any help with WE we have World Editor Help Zone here on THW!
And at the end if you need any resource from icons to loading screens check out Requests!


Rules said:
Requirements level 1:
- a description clearly telling what this map is about.
- a name not being "just another x map".
- the author field should match the submitters name, (but don't be nazi about it).
- the name and picture should look unique.
- the map should not violate any other site rules.
- the map should be properly categorized.
- the minimap should not reveal a hideous terrain that clearly reveals poor quality.

Level 2 (possibly requires opening):
- the map is new or a heavily modified version of another map (in which case credit should be given if possible).
- the map does not crash (on launch and during playing).
- the map has no obvious dead icons.
- the map is not bad. (the map should be alright. Not necessarily a director's cut at all, but useful in some way. Perhaps a good storyline or good terrain/graphics or entertaining.)
  • If the map falls short in any of the level 1 or 2 requirements, you can reported it.
  • If the map is hopeless, stolen or build around something that breaks the rules, it should obviously just be reported.
  • If the map is just another version of footman/dota/etc etc map (few new spells/heroes/models/etc etc) can be reported as well.

You need to fix the things that is marked. Map reported