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Shinobi Wars 3

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Well I am working for some time on a map called Shinobi wars(you can download it from my website or epicwar or garena)and the 3rd part will be so:
You start with a boy/kid select a village where you will be leveling alone without any other players till you reach level 10 there will be a teleport witch will transport you to the a forest where you fight stronger creeps and against other players.You can ally other players by typing -ally and selecting the player you want to be ally but he need to ally you too,he need to ally you its why? when you ally him you cant attack him but he can you so you see why!
There will be some territorys (dont know jet how much)witch you can conquer by killing the boss and there will respawn a boss from your village depends on how strong was the boss of that region.Your bosses you can make stronger by
something items or upgrades I dont know yet.
If you have any ideas or suggestions or wanna be a beta tester of the map let me know!giving +rep for all comments
Not open for further replies.