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Shifting Sands

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Level 10
Jan 28, 2009
(Codename) Shifting Sands
I call my project "Shifting Sands" so far. The reason I called it that now is that I was inspired by the Fallout series (which takes place in a big, post-nuclear war wasteland) to make a homebrewed game in a twisted, post-apocalyptic fantasy universe. I was inspired by Dark Sun too, at first. But now I'm slowly abandoning the idea that everything has to take place in a big desert, and thus "Shifting Sands" is no longer an appropriate title.

I'm writing this thread quite early in the process, but I think some of you might be interested in the unwarcraftish gameplay I have in mind and am currently sweating over. Also, some of you might have some inspirational ideas for my world. I still stick to the rare genre of post-apocalyptic fantasy, though. And for once, the details of the world isn't so important to me. They'll come along as a story unfolds in my mind. And there are reasons why the story shouldn't be too complicated also. Due to the gameplay, which I will tell about in a while.

Big Idea: To make a multimap, multiplayer roleplaying game. This has been my big idea for quite a while. I hope, by use game caches, I can create a system wherein you can save your character, then load him/her in another map. I'm not aware if this has been done before. If it has then you must feel free to inform me.

The Gameplay:
Turn- and grid-based, like combat in a tabletop RPG. Only, everything in my Shifting Sands maps is going to be entirely turn-based. No rest is long enough for the heroes to waste real time.
I'm using a simple interface for most abilities and general things you do in the game: Point-n'-double-click. You have an amount of Action Points (a bit like in the classic Fallout games) which recharge every round at the beginning of your turn. Use them to do anything. A single click on an enemy tells you how much Action it will cost to go to him and smack him in the face (if you have a melee weapon equipped), and a double-click tells your character to go there and DO IT!

Edit: Since everything is turn-based, even story events, quest briefings, dialogues, and room-looting, the story can't be too complicated, and must be told mainly through dramatized combat. In fact, I am thinking about making everything constant action, or constant tactics I should call it.

What's the point of making some turn-based WC3 maps?
Well, I think it gives the combat a different flavor. Now, you really have a chance to ponder over every action you take. Of course I will do everything in my power to make the gameplay flow as fast as possible, but the weight lies on tactics, not character building.

Edit Note: Character building is there, and relevant, but it's going to be very free-for-all. The classes aren't going to be very defining themselves. So in a way character building IS a main thing.

If you've got any ideas you'd like to share, or have some other kind of feedback concerning my project, come hither and speak from your heart, childe.

I will of course bring descriptive updates as I progress, and fleshout the game world as it gradually pops out from the evil depths of Imagination Land. I might make a new thread when the game gets a proper name instead of this codename "Shifting Sands", which is cool but questionable.
Level 2
Jun 17, 2008
I hope, by use game caches, I can create a system wherein you can save your character, then load him/her in another map. I'm not aware if this has been done before. If it has then you must feel free to inform me.
This has been done in Ragos ORPG for example. It's a wow based dungeon runner RPG with one "new char and lvling map" and a few "hard dungeons and teamplay for epix maps".

I for one would love to see a turn based multiplayer map, and making it based on the old fallout style combat would be totally awesome.

I'll be waiting for more info on this one:wink:
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