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Shattered Realm

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Map Description:
Establish an outpost in the shattered reaches of Outland, and push back the demonic forces of the Burning Legion.
Map Type: 1v1 (Melee)
Map Size: 96x80
Tile-set: Outlands, Unmodified

General Statement:
The map is of a smaller size, but with opportunities for expansions.

Neutral Buildings:
Starting Goldmine:
2, 1 per starting player
Neutral Goldmine: 4
Marketplace: 2
Goblin Shop: 1
Tavern: 2

Creep Camps:
Green(Easy): 6, Levels 6-9
Orange(Moderate): 8, Levels 11-16
Red(Hard): 3, Levels 20-24

Item Drops:
-Level 2: 2, Modified: Crystal Ball, Replenishment Potion, Sentry Ward, Wand of Illusion
-Level 3: 2
-Level 4: 1, Modified: Ankh of Reincarnation, Book of the Dead, Healing Wards, Health Stone, Mana Stone, Wand of the Wind

Permanent: 12
-Level 1: 2, Modified: Cloak of Shadows, Gauntlets of Ogre Strength, Mantle of Intelligence, Ring of Superiority, Slippers of Agility
-Level 2: 2, Modified: Claws of Attack +5, Gloves of Haste, Ring of Protection +4
-Level 3: 4, Modified: Circlet of Nobility, Claws of Attack +8, Pendant of Energy, Periapt of Vitality, Ring of Protection +5, Ring of Regeneration, Talisman of Evasion
-Level 4: 2, Modified: Alleria's Flute of Accuracy, Belt of Giant Strength, Boots of Quel'Thalas, Ring of the Archmagi, Robe of the Magi, Runed Bracers, Scourge Bone Chimes, Sobi Mask, The Lion Horn of Stormwind
-Level 5: 2

Power-up: 6
-Level 1: 4
-Level 2: 2, Modified: Tome of Agility +2, Tome of Intelligence +2, Tome of Knowledge, Tome of Strength +2
Creep Camp Breakdown
Eye of Sargeras (24) XP:605 HP:3,280 Item: Permanent 5, Power-up 2

-x1 Eredar Warlock (9) XP:285 HP:1,350 Item: Permanent 5
-x1 Fel Stalker (5) XP:115 HP:750 Item: Power-up 2
-x1 Bloodfiend (4) XP:85 HP:450
-x2 Voidwalker (3) XP:60 HP:365

Goblin Shop (20) XP:440 HP:2,730 Item: Charged 4
-x1 Nether Drake (6) XP:150 HP:950 Item: Charged 4
-x2 Giant Frost Wolf (4) XP:85 HP:550
-x2 Stormreaver Hermit (3) XP:60 HP:340

Overlord Goldmine (16) XP:355 HP:1,965 Item: Permanent 4
-x1 Overlord (6) XP:150 HP:775 Item: Permanent 4
-x1 Eredar Sorcerer (4) XP:85 HP:425
-x1 Succubus (3) XP:60 HP:400
-x1 Voidwalker (3) XP:60 HP:365

Alter Camp (16) XP:410 HP:2,250 Item: Permanent 3, Power-up 1
-x1 Skeletal Orc Champion (8) XP:235 HP:1,100 Item: Permanent 3
-x1 Skeletal Orc Grunt (5) XP:115 HP:850 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Skeletal Marksman (3) XP:60 HP:300

Voidwalker Goldmine (14) XP:400 HP:2,300 Item: Permanent 3, Power-up 1
-x1 Greater Voidwalker (6) XP:150 HP:750 Item: Permanent 3
-x1 Vile Tormentor (5) XP:115 HP:510 Item: Power-up 1
-x1 Fel Beast (3) XP:60 HP:390

Marketplace (11) XP:225 HP:1,500 Item: Charged 3
-x1 Draenei Harbinger (4) XP:85 HP:450 Item: Charged 3
-x1 Draenei Watcher (3) XP:60 HP:400
-x2 Draenei Protector (2) XP:40 HP:325

Ogre Camp (9) XP:200 HP:1,165 Item: Permanent 2
-x1 Ogre Magi (5) XP:115 HP:600 Item: Permanent 2
-x1 Skeletal Orc (3) XP:60 HP:375
-x1 Skeleton Archer (1) XP:25 HP:190

Darkslayer Camp (7) XP:165 HP:1,005 Item: Charged 2
-x1 Draenei Darkslayer (5) XP:115 HP:525 Item: Charged 2
-x2 Draenei Guardian (1) XP:25 HP:240

Tavern Camp (6) XP:125 HP:920 Item: Permanent 1
-x1 Draenei Watcher (3) XP:60 HP:400 Item: Permanent 1
-x1 Draenei Disciple (2) XP:40 HP:280
-x1 Draenei Guardian (1) XP:25 HP:240
Update v02a:
-Added Manual of Health to Power-up 1 Drop Table
Update v02:
-Adjusted Creep Camp Balance and Item distribution
-Green Creep Camps increased by 2
-Reduced Trees in Spawning Location
-Critters reduced by 2
-Both Goblin Shops replaced by Marketplaces
-Outlands Mercenary Camp replaced with Goblin Shop

Shattered Realm (Map)

Level 6
May 28, 2020
Hi everyone, back with another 1v1 Melee Map. This time, I made a smaller Outland map, which should make for a better early to mid game style map. There are however still opportunities for expansion play. I also utilized a select few creeps from outside the Outlands creep set, ex: Different Skeletal Orcs, Skeletal Archers, and Ogre Magi.

I hope everyone can enjoy the map, and like always I appreciate any and all feedback.
Level 7
Jun 15, 2013
Hello there
Had a quick look at your map
I feel like aethetics are fine but I'm bothered with a few things

Your green camps are both lvl 9, which is rather high
Usually you want 3 green camp per players, between lvl 5 and 8
Killing a lvl 5 ogremagi and only get a lvl 1 item as a reward is a pity

So I would reduce lvls on both green camps, and if possible add a third

Having merc camp in the mid is not great imo, if you fight a red camp you want a big reward, alongside item, some fountain/marketplace would be great, and then you could add 2 more orange camps for mercs, i guess top between expo and player and same bottom, and on those you get the ogre magi which drops a more powerful item

Map is quite open, number of starting trees is fine, I'd prolly add some more at the easiest expo tho
You don't need to put critters on camp

People usually aren't fond of Black Citadel/Outland creeps because they are strong, and you're proving their point by putting only strong units :D, I'm fine with it, but don't think others would

So my last suggestion would be to increase the number of low lvl units

Overall could definitly get some more work done
Level 6
May 28, 2020
Thank you again for feedback OnyxTheDark,

I have gone through and added in another green camp on both sides of the map, and reduced the power level of some of the creep camps across the board. Hopefully the creep camps will be a little more manageable. Then I adjusted the trees available at the Voidwalker Goldmine.

Like always I look forward to any and all feedback.